Mock exams are impossible!!

Is it me or the mock exams are like very very VERY hard. Ive done like 3 of them. Got like 55%, 57% and 62%, and a big head ache. Does it reflects CFa exams truthfully? Cause then im done. Is it really possible to get like 70+? Ive been studying like a beast yet I feel the question set are badely worded and put in ways its hard to reply to.

Agree. I find them very difficult. I think they are much more difficult than the EOCs.

The wording sucks.

I thought the December Level I exam was easier than the mocks, so maybe that’s also the case.

You did December Level 1 and immediately started L2? If so, you sir are a machine lol

I hate to say this, but it is possible to get 70+, especially if you are a re-taker. I was getting in the low to mid 60s last year, and now am scoring >70. Two years of working toward passing will definitely bump up the scores.

The mocks destroy me, and I by no means feel uncomfortable with the material. It’s a few things imo:

  1. The wording of some questions kind of sucks.

  2. They seem to really exploit Kaplan’s loopholes (i.e. “un” or “under” mentioned things). There aren’t many of them, but they certainly seem to like to test them.

  3. I feel like they like to trick you. Like the economic profit question I did where I correctly did NOPAT - $WACC and there was my answer down to the penny. And I got it wrong because you need to use invested capital at the end of the prior year, not the one you’re analyzing. I understand wrong is wrong, but c’mon now.

  4. This one solely relates to prior mocks, but the material changes. I went 0/6 on a vignette that I then realized while grading, was no longer in the curriculum.

Oh yeah, I was cursing yesterday all night long because of this mock exam… Today I just relaxed to fill up my batteries and get my nerves calmed down…hehe

Agree. I found the morning session diffcult, but the afternoon session felt really easy. I hope it’s the same for LII. I remember some of the questions were so easy that I thought, "omg! omg! they are tricking me crying" hahaha

I have accepted that I may be rewriting in June 2014, so it’s good to know that it’s possible to score higher with more time to study :slight_smile:

Until Saturday I’ll be reviewing material and my mock exams and hoping for the best.

You know, I often go through the finished mock exam with my husband (he has a graduate degree in finance) and he pointed out that I seem to know the answers to the questions I’m asking, so he’s not sure why I’m fumbling so many questions.

Has anyone else had the same experience? Something about the way the question is worded and the amount of information they give you throws you off, and you totally miss an opportunity to use a familiar approach.

Sighhh. Oh well.

Frankly speaking i have tried all i could but now my scores are on borderline at 65%

i just hope god wants me to pass

Hi Vicky,

I am sure you will make it. Have you also done Elan or FinQuiz Mock exams?


Unlimited bro

no i have done konvexity itemsets only due to lac of time

Guys, am level 3 candidate and was facing the same situation than you last year. Mock exams are just killers, way more difficult. Keep it up, you will make it…

FYI, I scored 58% at the CFAI Mock Exam 3 days before the exam !

DOJI boss whats was ur score in cfa 2012 mock?

how was actual 2012 exam

Sweet Music to my ears man!

This is all i needed to hear

My opinion is that MPS is not 70, maybe around 65, but only my opinion. I found 2012 exam really easier than the mock exam provided by CFAI (the exam is not easy though) My score was borderline i think, but a PASS is a PASS. At the end of the day, there is a thin line between band 9-10 and certain passing score. The minority will be well above 70, but definitely not the majority.

Many thanks to post your experience. This will help me give my 100% till the exams are over.

DOJI i scored 64% in 2012 mock and in 2013 mock also 64% cheeky

You’ve given me hope! Thank you :slight_smile:

What’s so strange with that, should we wait 1.5 year to next exam? Yes this spring has been a hell, work and studies… …thank god I have a girlfriend that can put up with it…