Moderators, why you no moderate?

The water cooler is intense!

Hmm, it is very mild comparing to other forums i used to frequent. Majority of posters here take it easy and don’t take anything serios.

You just wanted to use that meme didn’t you?

Be careful what you ask for.

Dude 2012 called…

^ What did it say?

This time Obama really does promise change. For reals.

“SheFA, where is my sandwich?”

Wait, isn’t ohai a moderator?

Edupristine says:

Moderators should moderate be cause if they do not moderate then they would not be called a moderator. They would be called some thing other than moderator.

When I moderate, it’s always in moderation.

That was a good one!

If I’d taken a sip of Pepsi before reading that, it’d be all over my keyboard now.

Ohai declined the moderator role, presumably because it’s more fun to tease them.

If you guys don’t want more threads about pooping, how about just not responding to them…

BChad, I never took you for a crazy only free markets can solve the ills of the world kind of guy. I actually thought you were quite liberal compared to finance folk.

And S2000 is always cracking me up with his piffy responses lol

I was actually referring to certain non-casually racist and offensive exchanges, which have caused certain threads to lose their productivity. The frequency of poop threads is kind of strange and perhaps a little bit disturbing. However, surely gentlemen can conduct civil discussions about any kind of topic…

Anyway, I don’t like to complain, so if the admins don’t feel like doing anything, that’s up to them. It just seems that when an intellectual discussion about poop devolves into name calling and raping other people’s mothers, that’s a sign for time out.

yup gang rapes are very popular in india,. any idea why? i have my suspicions why after conversating with a few indian posters…

The mods are doing a good job moderating the boards. The less they intervene, the better. We don’t need Big Brother telling us what is appropriate and what is not.

That being said, the mods can become more useful by bringing in more members (not any different than bringing AUM in the private sector). Part of their job description should be promoting the AF brand on other forums and enticing posters on other message boards worldwide (you can count them in the hundred of millions) to become regular posters here. Chad can show his appreciation by giving a koozie for every 10 members a mod brings in. It’s a win win for everyone involved.

Well, I got tired of reading poop threads and so didn’t bother with them. I did not see the post about raping other peoples mothers and this is the first I’ve heard of it (though not surprised). Apologies for not paying close attention to absolutely every word of every post that each and every one of the fine folk on AF decide to spew out. Soon you’ll be wondering if it’s really worth all the money you’ve been paying me to do it, no doubt.

If people want to PM one of the mods because something seems out of line, we can be advised of when these things happen and do edits or policy statements or deletions as appropriate.

You added this line after several edits. That gives a clear picture of your state of mind.

I think mod compensation should be linked to advertising revenue. We have to align management interests with shareholders.