Mom of the year?

kinda early but i think she is the leading candidate right now

Are you sure the article is not confusing this with a Brazzers plot line?

I’d hit it.

So here’s the gist of the article (as best I can understand):

35 y.o. mom hosts a “sex party” for her 16-y.o. daughter and several other teens. Then she shows the teens naked pictures of herself. She allows teens to drink alcohol and smoke pot in her house. Then she starts masturbating in front of the teens (presumably including her daughter).

She plays naked twister with the group, but leaves the game to have sex with an 18 year-old.

After all this, the article says that “things started to get really weird”. I guess they weren’t weird before this.

Teen parties sure have changed in the last 25 years.


^Greenie summed it up nicely. Basically it’s the hottest thing I’ve read all morning.

There are no inappropriate pictures.

^Just a semi-hot mugshot.

Kinda makes me want to see the “other” pictures.

Her AA sponsor is a total narc.

i knew yod get moist

FTFY, just for Sweep’s benefit

yea… I wonder what the generation above me would think about these parties

You dick.

You guys are a bunch of creepy mofos.

I found myself wondering if this was going on when I was a teen, but just better hidden…

Without pictures this is all just crappy journalism.

all the cool kids were doing this

Other sources say she had four other kids, ages 2-10, and she has lost custody of them.

Apparently her drinking caused her marriage to deteriorate, and her husband left her last November.

Around 3:30, she awoke to feeling somebody having sex with her. She thought it was the 18 year-old from earlier, but it was actually her daughter’s 16 y.o. boyfriend. Apparently, the BF is 10 inches long, and the daughter couldn’t take it. So he just did the mom instead.

So now the daughter feels guilty, because if she’d been able to take the whole long schlong, he wouldn’t have had to bang the mom.