Morning Session


Am I the only one who cant solve anything right on first attempt in the morning session or is it a common phenomena? It’s really disturbing, like in the indiv port, I always lack something in the given part and end up getting wrong req rate of return however i get the rest correct. Same applies to most questions. I mean some are st forward but I always tend to get 50/100 in morning session not more…

I have solved CFAI EOC more than 4 times… and solved mocks 2012 - 2009 and samples 2011-2008…

Any advice is really appreciated. Shall i solve mocks from schweser or just focus on CFAI Books…

I have to add, I used my annual leave for this so I basically dont have work from now till exam date.

Advices from people who are repeating the exam is appreciated


the return calc is a joke in most instances and since it is usually only worth around 10-12 points, so i am not going to waste 30-40 minutes on it if it is a challenge

It’s tradeoff…spending too much time on it may not be a good idea. To me, Q1 is more a reading comprehension than anything else. IMHO, this is hard for most people, what is worse, it could destroy our confidence for the whole exam. Image that we are not sure the answer of Q.1.A.i?..pick the low hanging fruit first.

same boat…all i can say…those questions are tricky so you have to read them super carefully…in level 2, i basically skimmed the vignette to solve the problems, but seems like you can’t do that here…pretty much everything there is relevant one way or another.

i am going to make my inflows/outflows chart and hope for the best

try to get partial credit if she is tricky

Don’t panic, this is about right.

If you look at many of the score matricies from last year’s L3 passes, the morning generally looks pretty bad across the board, with people making up for it by doing well in the afternoon.

This is how the game is played

Ditto to mcap’s strategy.

as long as we can get partial marks, it ll satisfice

I’ve been extremely frustrated with the morning sessions as well. No matter what I do, I always seem to miss a ton of points as well, even on questions I think are easy. My scores have been getting hammered (got a 50% on the 2011 CFAI AM). I have studied a TON as well. Here’s my take. All of us on this forum are having trouble, and we’re most likely the top 10 percentile of takers. The pass rates on this exam are about 50%, and I guarantee that it’s not because people are scoring a 90% on the PM section. The graders must issue partial credit on the AM like it’s Christmas or the MPS must be very low. I’m going to continue to take and focus on tests from here on out. It’s an iterative process of test taking and reviewing incorrect answers and corresponding readings. Just keep pushing, and I think you’ll surprise yourself. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.


Good to see you here again :slight_smile:

Hope we’ll pass level 3 this year…

Anyhow, I have 3 weeks off work, do you guys recommend I solve schweser? or just stick to CFAI EOC + Mocks/Samples.

Do you guys have samples/mocks 2004-2007?

^ I was wondering where you been

This is the order that I have been using:

1.solve EOC

2.CFA suppled official exams from most recent to 2009

  1. 2012 schweser vol 1 or 2

  2. pre 2009 exams

3 weeks should be enough for you to do all 1,2,3

Why EOC instead of mocks? I’d assume it would be better to practice actual tests (schweser or CFAI), as they better match the actual test. I’m a little worried, because I haven’t really solved CFAI EOC at all. I’ve been doing all Schweser mocks and CFAI mocks. Been scoring in passing territory for my PM practice tests…

It might be too late to begin CFAI EOC at this point. Didn’t solve them at all last year for L2, and conquered the exam with ease. I guess to each his own, as long as the time is put in…

im done with 1 and 2 lol … EOC takes me 1 day to solve all books (except for ethics and GIPS) . i think im gona give 1 day for ethics and gips…

Yeah I spent too much time on this forum last year and I figured id only visit during may since ill be done with the whole program.

Do you have a clue where I can get 2005-2008 mocks/samples?

plus the fact that CFA answers seem to be inconsistent…e.g., similar return requirement and 1 million dollar asset base…one exam says “it’s small” and another says “moderate”…another exam has an asset base of 1.2 million saying it’s “fairly large”…wtf

plus the fact that CFA answers seem to be inconsistent…e.g., similar return requirement and 1 million dollar asset base…one exam says “it’s small” and another says “moderate”…another exam has an asset base of 1.2 million saying it’s “large”…wtf

1 day to solve all EOCs? thats a record!

Since post 09 exams are not my priority, I am yet to find them on google.

type “200x morning session cfa”

Yeah I want whatever matrix stuff you study with… how do you finish all EOCs in one day?!? 24 hrs?

There is not a snowball’s chance in hell I can do ALL the EOC’s in one full day

I’m just pounding CFAI EOC’s, all the morning sessions, and the mock.

Yes :slight_smile: I do them all in 1 day except for ethics and GIPS, not claiming that that im too smart or anything lol i got 80% of them wrong in the first try. I barely understood anything too. Took down notes (now reached +80, memorized 90% of them), understood major concepts, then minor details but because i solved them multiple times, I hate to say it but I have to admit that I remember how to solve them and its not a challenge for me anymore.

Then i HIT mocks and i barely scored 55-60% of first attempts, then scored high 70s in 2nd attempt. Some people score high 70s in the first attempt. Same thing happened level 2 and i passed boarder line for sure. Flunked 4 sections lol … I hope i make it from first attempt this time that’s why Im asking for an effective way to spend the few days left for D-Day.

Any suggestions?