Most Badass Spy Agency

So I saw a thing somewhere recently about the most badass special ops teams in the world. Was thinking now what about the most badass spy agency. I’m thinking maybe there are ones we dont even know exist that are. But taking out known unknowns and unknown unknowns im gonna say the MOSSAD!!

That’s easy. It’s the CFA board of conduct. Why do you think made qqqbee disappear? They are electro-shocking his testicles as we speak.

I’d say SPECTRE hands down. If I don’t post again you’ll know it’s because they took me down; they’ve got eyes everywhere.

International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS)

MOSSAD is my bet too. They have the techy smarts of the US, the ruthlessness of the Russians, and the fervor of Al Qaeda.

McDonald’s Product Development

I suspect none of us has ever heard of the most badass spy agency and probably never will.

The real question is who is an undercover agent here on AF.

I’m pretty sure numi is a CFA nark. He seems too mature to be a normal internet person.

Def. The Mossad. It was determined on Manswers if you didn’t catch that episode.

ohai Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m pretty sure numi is a CFA nark. He seems too > mature to be a normal internet person. That would be a bad cover then. More likely someone like AM. Oh crap, now he’s going to kill me for blowing his cover. Stupid internet.

Well the Mossad did assassinate some Hamas dude with an exploding cell phone, thats pretty badass! Anyway, read a list that put the ISI from pakistan at no1, above Mossad at 2. Theyre skilled in trying to destabilize india, and then youve got RAW from india, their skill is trying to destabalize pakistan. Still this list put the aussie intelligence unit ASIS at number 10. The fact that its in the list most likely way off base!

Its lonely being in the most badass spy agency, because you can’t tell anyone you’re in the most badass spy agency.

Uhm, now I suspect transferpricingCFA is the mole.

Beat this, summed up with polonium in a teacup

Assuming it was the CIA , I think that the Osama trophy gives them the best distinction. This is purely because of the amount of cash they have though. But might is right in my opinion. Good job guys all the same!

Heard it was the SEALs. I guess they havent officially said. Badass for sure!

I don’t think one kill makes it the most badass… but no doubt, today is their day (whether it is CIA or SEALs or some coordination between the two).

ISIS. Archer is a BAMF

I heard Fidelity was behind the finding of OBL