Most difficult morning exam so far? (2010-2015)

Any opinions on which previous morning exam has been the hardest/lowest scoring one so far? I am through 2010-2015 and would say without a doubt the most difficult one for me was the 2012 morning exam with 2015 being the “easiest” so far (still not that easy).

Also, for anyone who has taken level 3 before or passed it already, is there any benefit to taking the morning exams for years before 2010? Or is the information/data a little too old to be worthwhile anymore.


2011 = 60% lowest

2013= 71% highest so far

Saving 2015 for 2 days before the exam to for final assessment of weak areas before the big day.

2013 was the worst for me

Going through 2015, seems easy so far, scoring ~80% with 9,10,11 still to go.

2013 for me too but I’ve only done 2012-2015. 2012 was pretty tough too

Let me just tell you right now that 2012 was freak paper… and i mean HARD

Yeah I got a 57% on 2012 and was giving myself partial credit the way that I thought I would get graded on actual exam day. Going to review things I got wrong but don’t want to go into exam day with that taste in my mouth.

I didn’t find 2012 as difficult as some others, but 2010 had several questions that kicked my @ss. I have not yet taken 2015.

Ended up with 77.2% in 2015.

Don’t think it’s too bad.

2014 was nasty

I did well on 2011 and 2014.

2010, 2012, 2013 would probably require me to do pretty well on the PM. Taking 2015 on Monday.

out of your scope but 2009 was the lowest score for me so far.

Where would I find 2012 - 2010 ?

Where would I find 2012 - 2010 ?


And I thought 2015 was harder than 2014 or 2013. I will be doing 2012 today or tomorrow. Now I’m a bit scarred… Haha

thank you

Definitely 2015. There were a lot more calculation questions that I didn’t know how to do. And they were different than the 2007-2014 ones.

2015- I found question 1 and 2a to go either way on answering, would of been a tough start to the day.

I like Institutional PM and I find that I usually gain marks here. But found these tougher than normal, the rest was fine.

**Everyone does the same test and were graded on a bell curve. So why get stressed out about an hard or easy exam.

^ I like institutional and individual IPS as well but 2015 had different questions than the previous exams. Most previous exams had you calculate the required return but this one involved bequest/gift taxes and stuff.

I scored the lowest on 2014 (68%) and the highest on 2015 (78%). On average, I’ve scored a touch lower on the Schweser practice tests vs. the old CFAI exams.

Iv done 2006 - 2014

doing 2015 today, timed and under exam conditions.

2015 will set my confidence level