Most times failed the exams

I know someone who failed the last exam 3 times before passing it. she had a good excuse though…taking on a lot of work. Imagine taking 6 years to pass the levels? Anyone know of someone who has failed it like 7 times?

No no, I heard of a guy in Louisianna [went to school with a guy from LSU] who took 9 years to get the dam thing. He actually had to re-register because after 7 tries you get bumped out and have to re-apply…hehehe. Anyways, long story short, not long after having gotten the dam thing, he got a job as director of research for the lone i-bank in the city. Turns out he was like the only CFA in town…funny eh? Contrast that to the throngs of Toronto 3-for-3 guys who have to work bom jobs indefinitely. Crazy. Willy

I think there was somone on the L3 forum a few years back that finally passed on his 7th attempt at L3!

It gives me great comfort knowing that there are guys out there who spent more time on a given level than I did in the entire program…and they say the exam isn’t hard enough…lol. Willy

my roommate’s been on L2 for the past 3 years and failed L1 once also. i’d trade my 3/3 for the hedge fund bank he’s making though

I passed L2 on the 4th try. Not real proud of that! I can laugh about it now. And by laugh I mean a Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest type laugh. Two of the years had extenuating circumstances; the 3rd fail was just poor studying. I went 1 for 1 on L3 though :slight_smile:

I know 2 people that just took L2 for the 5th time. They didn’t pass L1 on the first try either.


There was a women profiled by CFAI who took all three levels three times before earning her charter. She is a case study in determination.

See thats what kills me about CFA. If you got 3/3 you’re “smart” where as if you go 3/7 or 3/8 or 9 you’re “determined”. Both are enviable qualities to have in an investment professional but it kind of leaves the 3/4 people and the 3/5 people in a neulous pergatory since we’re not really that smart nor have we demonstarted determination. Willy

Or…3/5 or 3/6 is the perfect balance of smarts and determination? 3/3 vs. 3/4 might just be luck.

If 3/5 or 3/6 is a good balance of smarts and determination, that would imply that the people smart enough to go 3/3 are somehow less determined. Not sure that’s true.

Good point.

Maybe 3/4 means you’re both smart and determined. :wink:

3/3 vs 3/4 (or even 3/5) might be pure luck, IMHO.

3/3 means you have no social life. 3/3 in 18 months means u have bad health.

I know someone with a PhD in Finance who failed L2 three times before passing it.

You really have to respect people who have the determination to keep on going after so many failures

pacmandefense Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 3/3 means you have no social life. 3/3 in 18 > months means u have bad health. I do have bad health, but that came from the drinking, lack of exercise and eating fried food every other day. however, my social life was AWESOME as I went 3 for 3 in 18 months (not having a full time finance job REALLY helped finding time to study lol)…

I’ll be taking Level 2 for the 3rd time next year. I’m sure I’ll fail…but I’m in great shape.