Most Useless College Majors

Found this list on the DailyBeast (focus is on employability and earnings): 1. Liberal Arts 2. Drama and Theater Arts 3. Film, Video and Photographic Arts. 4. Commercial Art and Graphic Design 5. Architecture 6. Philosophy and Religious Studies 7. English Literature and Language 8. Journalism 9. Anthropology and Archeology 10. Hospitality Management 11. Music 12. History 13. Political Science and Government Discuss. I was kind of surprised to see architecture on there.

You need a postgraduate degree to practice architecture in the US. So, the undergrad degree is not that useful - kind of like studying “legal studies”, where you cannot actually become a lawyer.

Right, Carnegie Mellon has a program where you can get your masters in 5 years. I know someone who went there and she is doing just fine. With any of these majors, it totally depends where you go to school. IMHO, an art history degree from Princeton is worth more than an engineering degree from Tennessee Tech. If you’re smart/charismatic/hard worker (any combo) you’ll do fine, regardless of any college major. If you want to go into a “profession” (med, law, science, professor, etc.) you need advanced degrees anyway, in which case your undergrad is less important.

  1. Finance. Just get the CFA. #Troof!

yeah…a classics degree from cambridge/oxford will get you further than a finance/econ degree from lesser unis…

I can see a path to a decent career for most of those majors if you know your sh!t, but how somebody could consider Hospitality Management is beyond me.

My older brother is in the process of becoming an architect right now. A whole lot of work throughout college. Very competitive. You start out with low pay (40k avg or something). You have to be an architectural intern for a few years before you can even sit for the ARE exams. There are 7 exams you need to pass. Then you become an architect and still make relatively little money for all the effort.

Any degree from a top university in the world will get you further than a fin degree from local community college? You have a source for this?

I mean, it depends on what you mean by “lesser” college. Do you mean Cornell vs. Princeton or Devry vs. Princeton?

brand of the university > content of the degree

^as far as i understand it’s like this in the UK, for most grad finance jobs (with the exception of quant heavy stuff/highly technical programmes), your degree subject is less important than your extracurricular activities,grades and uni reputation.High school grades are sometimes MORE important than uni grades and subjects. If you do not have a min of xxx points in high school you cannot even APPLY to many of the finance related jobs available to grads…whether or not you did well in a secondrate uni afterwards is comparatively less important and your app is autofiltered away to the recycle bin…i know this.

surely a comp sc/petroleum engineering degree from xyz college will get you more than a arts degree from the ivy league. why people would drop so much money and time to learn philosophy,political science and a few others is beyond me though

Art History major from Harvard can still go into IB, McKinsey consulting, top 10 law school, or other stuff like that. To a certain extent, you can get away with studying something that is unpractical, but this diminishes quickly as you go down the university rankings.

In this case, it’s “take you farther,” not “take you further.” No English majors here? Speaking of further and farther, there is also father: “I AM your father, join with me and we will rule the galaxy together.”

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Pretty sure further can work here as well -Non English Major

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The exact reason they bought Lucas Films. I believe the next trilogy, focusing on Han and Leia, is alreay in the works. Expect some more Indiana Jones as well.

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