Seems like no major blockbusters in 2014 so far :frowning: Any movie suggestions?

disclaimer: I haven’t watched guardians of the galaxy yet.

Mr. Nobody on Netflix

I haven’t seen a good movie in ages.

X-men was good

Don’t know if you guys have this across the pond but I saw The Inbetweeners 2 over the weekend. Some very hilarious moments but overall, probably won’t be watching it again.

Don’t really know what else is out. That Lucy movie doesn’t really appeal to me, only other half decent movie is Planet of the Apes.

50K and a Call Girl. Don’t let the title mislead you. It was a good movie. The story of a guy being diagnosed with cancer and having 6 months left to live.

Watched Gone Girl last night. It was actually decent, even with Ben Afleck

Any movies we can watch with a first-grader?

^ Lion King.

@naren_ Start with this list.

Go watch Frozen, then go on Youtube and watch the music video 15 times in a row.

I saw ‘Her’ recently. Funny kind of movie. Very impressive and thought provoking but I’m not sure if I actually enjoyed it all that much. Still would recommend it though.

All I know is I’m looking forward to seeing Interstellar in full IMAX. Christopher Nolan never loses.

Only 15 times? Lost your internet connection?

I saw Birdman this weekend and Whiplash last weekend. Would strongly recommend both.

I think Fury will be good, will check that out soon.

I saw a film called '71 at the cinema last week, was a brilliant film. It’s set in Northern Ireland in (surprisingly) 1971 and is based around an English soldier that gets left behind following a riot and has to fend for himself and try to get back to the barracks.

I saw the Inbetweeners 2 and thought it was pretty bad compared to the 1st film and the tv series. The whole bit where they drink each others piss is disturbing.

Going to see Gone Girl this week and have heard good things. 2.5 hours is usually too long for my attention span though!

I watched Madagascar 3 - Europe’s Most Wanted for the 89th time this weekend. I do have to admit though that Captain DuBois’ rendition of Non, je ne regrette rien still moves me.

hearing teenage girls belt out “let it go” on the streets is pretty funny

‘Gone Girl’ was really good… if you’re married, or live with your gf, it will make you sleep with one-eye open…