Moving US to Europe?

Anybody have any experience or input on moving from buy side roles (or any roles) in the US to Europe? I’ve been kicking this idea around in the back of my mind and with the wife and it seems like a difficult move to make in terms of finding a job. Any pointers, logistics?

Beats me, but when i was searching for jobs abroad I got one in Denmark.

They have a skilled shortage labor list or some shit, might be worth checking out. No one wants to live with Danes though.

Dont live in denmark… they banned halal and kosher…

I have no experience of moving in that direction but I personally would find it hard to settle anywhere in mainland Europe long term, I could do it for a few years but that’s about it.

Paris you’d need to speak french, you could maybe get by working for a big bank and speaking in English but outside of work it would be a hard place to be without speaking the language to a high level.

Frankfurt will probably become the new financial centre. I’ve only ever flown in and out in 1 day for meetings but very few people consider it a nice place to live. Germans are also quite hard to work with as they favour blind adherence to rules in favour of independent thought or any degree of pragmatism. I don’t think coming from America to Germany would be very easy but I’m just guessing.

Geneva might work although it’s pricey and the Swiss can be very annoying.

Luxembourg is all back office stuff.

London would be obvious choice but probably not the best place to be moving to at this particular time and if you didn’t like NYC it’s probably not for you.

Edinburgh has a surprisingly large investment management industry and would be the best city in the world if it wasn’t for the weather. 0.5m people but with way more culture/things to do/ things going on that you’d think with that small a population. COL is cheap and people say that it has a lot of similarities to Boston

I might be a wee bit biased on that last one.

What’s with the Dane hate? I’m a big fan of Copenhagen and the Danes are good people once you get used to the directness.

what about Dublin? Always was curious about moving there as its English speaking but all I know of there is BO roles. I can get Irish citizenship so anywhere is Europe shouldnt really be an issue for me, but I think to make the jump I would need my gf to lock up a gig over there so I could have some sort of support system if it would take me more than a bit to line up a job.

I’d say the average US person would be better off moving to Utah or something, if they just wanted to get away…

BS why are you looking to become an ex-pat?

I looked at Europe at one point, I like North Europe where my ancestors came from (the nazis, ultimate race, smart, good looking, polite). Looked at Frankfurt. But ended up going with Asia.

…of course Trump follows me over here. Sigh.

wtf? Lol PA you are a strange guy. Anyone want to wager on his stance on eugenics?

I dont want to be a mormon… besides people in Europe are way more fun to drink with. Much better at using sarcasm

come to Ukraine

go to best korea

I’m for it. Eugenics/dysgenics are happening constantly, if you don’t pick one, you get one anyhow.

America has been suffering dysgenics for decades, that’s why the smarties are jumping ship before they get infected! :bulb:

I was joking… we all knew your stance long ago. Much like the likely number of swirlys/ultimate wedgies you got as a kid is likely well over 100

No one reason, mostly all of them combined. Love Europe, could do for a change of pace culturally, love to travel and Europe as a base offers new weekend destinations, growing tired of US politics, I think Europe offers a more pragmatic legal system, like the people, etc. I guess on a high level, I think the US is awesome for a lot of reasons.

But if I were being born today and getting to choose where I would be born, I’m not sure the US would be my pick vs Europe.

PA went from Asian fanatic to straight up Nazi pretty quickly…

I don’t think there’s a great deal buy side wise in Dublin, maybe some banking or consulting roles kicking about. It could become a lot bigger now with Brexit but I suppose most companies will only move there in name and a lot of the roles won’t move.

I imagine it would be a great place to live though. I’ve only ever been there on stag weekends so i might have a slightly distorted view of the place.

I would say we should alert the authorities to watch out for erratic behavior but I am sure he’s already on a list

BS - totally agree with you. Think it would be awesome to live in Europe for 5 years or so for ease of travel and to have that experience. Good luck in your search, only leads I had would be internal transfer at my company but tbh not sure if I really want to stay in my current role

Thanks for your rundown, figured that was the case. Yea I was only there for a few days on a trip but the people were all very chill & welcoming and the bars were fantastic