Meet mr.WALL… I am sunk… Hit a wall last night and tonight : (

You got to keep going man just a short amount of time left. Take a break and you should be able to get back after. I think everyone has been there. It’ll be worth it, it’ll feel so good after june 7 and even better (hopefully) after mid august.

Knock it down buddy. I’m right there with ya. My confidence swings are so freaking wide right now it’s getting pretty unbearable. I just need to hit that point where I don’t care anymore and I’ll be fine.

Tonight I learned about breakeven analysis Change in price/Duration (greater of the two durations) Thats about it… Tomorrow night I will go over Schweser Book 2, Friday night Schweser Book 1.

Red red wine…

“Way way behin(d)” sung to the tune of “Red Red Wine” - now that’s my anthem…

what chapter is B/E analysis? Doesnt even ring a bell for me. Its encouraging to hear others are burned out as well - WE HAVE TO PRESS ON! THEY CANT TEST IT ALL! KEEP GOING!

breakeven analysis is SS9, Reading 29

I too have lost it. Sat to study… after 15 mins switched on the TV and started watching some wierd show on history channel-The end of the UNIVERSE…not even the world:)) Apparently it will take “100 TRILLION MORE” years and there are people who have dedicated their lives studying and writing books on it-Can only imagine their mental states…and here am thinking am a geek doing these crazy exams.

Remember - all this is by choice. MGG - you’ll pass no prob. I read 29 2 nights ago and forgot that I did… now I remember B/E… I remember not understanding it. I still have a long way to go. MGG - I am still laffing about the damn goose - I told my wife about it tonight at dinner. It was one of the funniest stories in a long time (almost a halucination from too much studying!)

I have a better one for you - I watched the Stupid American Idol from yesterday that I recorded AND I CRIED… what the hell is wrong with me? this is like the 2nd show I watched, I don’t care for it (not sure why I’m recording it) and I freakin cried when one of those idiots sang … yes time for a freakin break no? I’m a basket case!

I saw part of that as well - I almost cried for a diff reason. That little wiennie kid going to make more $$$ than me for singing like elton john (boy doesnt even know what an swap is!) Wait till his nads drop - his career will be O-V-E-R! Mine will be humming along as I chase alphas and graze on betas! (Oh gawd!) Im on reading #33 review (need to do 34-49 review) and then I will move on to the tests and all the things I marked I didnt know… I think its a night to just Chill and watch Criminal Minds w a beer…

good to see i am not the only one who needs therapy. the bitch who broke up with me keeps asking our friends about me. its driving me insane. i need to find a single level 3 female on here. anyone?

Mr.Good.Guy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Tonight I learned about breakeven analysis > > Change in price/Duration (greater of the two > durations) > > Thats about it… > > Tomorrow night I will go over Schweser Book 2, > Friday night Schweser Book 1. Careful with this… You use the greater of the 2 durations if they are asking the question in terms of the one with the larger duration. They may re-word the question and ask you about the bond that DOES NOT have the yield advantage and what the change would have to be for break-even. In that situation you would use the duration of the other bond.

hey thats Sir elton john for you. show some respect.

I would say that the Confidence Interval is pretty low on that one… Get through the test… enjoy your summer… move on! She doesnt deserve person with the CFA… maybe shes a CPA kind of girl…

Goose is still running around the neighborhood with an arrow through it. Just saw it this morning. He seems to be doing fine except for the inconvenience of an arrow through its neck/Back. Stupid animal control, how friggin hard can it be, why not bring a trank gun or something. What if I had called and said I lion was running around the neighborhood.

I had a turkey run past me this morning driving to work and I just started hysterically laughing, thinking of a goose with an arrow in it

He just walks around all normal, and the Feather part of the arrow is plastic and its flourecent Green.