I recently discovered MSG. Ordered a pack of Ajinomoto brand MSG on Amazon. Holy shit this stuff makes everything taste good. (Except sweet things). If you’re prone to cravings, you’re warned, this is addictive as hell. The tomato ketchup of East Asia I hear…

u gonna make PA sad wit you dietary choices

Lol, how are you using it? Are you just dusting whatever you’re eating with it? Cooking with it?

MSG is this silent killer lurking in your kitchen cabinets.

Maybe there’s a new kind of MSG that isn’t bad for you, but normally you would want to avoid it, yes??

You knew that, right?

mercola - TF claims he is a hack

A lot of Chinese restaurants put MSG in their food – but won’t admit it.


It’s really good in broths, stews, or pretty much anything savory. Asian or Western. You just dust some of the stuff in when you’re done cooking, like salt, or mix it in with ground meat. It’s pretty easy.

That stuff will kill ya especially bad under high temperatures. Asians avoid it lik a plague nowadays.

If I eat food with MSG in it the next day I feel like I have a hangover, crazy dehydrated, headache, general malaise

Although google tells me it’s a myth.

I’m confident PA inhales lines of this stuff. Americans haven’t figured out what glorious Asia has known for years.

Yep myth. MSG naturally occurs in normal food, and it’s concentrated in things like soy sauce, fish sauce, or your British elixir marmite.

You’re not this good of a troll. Dollars to MSG-laced doughnuts, you saw this exact subject on another forum and used it here.

^No, that’s dumb, you don’t put MSG in doughnuts.

If MSG is so bad for you, why doesn’t everyone in Asia have a headache?

I’m mostly confused as to why renowned chef Jean George has a fried chicken stand at MSG. I should try this the next time I go there. As a side note, the slushy alcoholic beverages are just the worst - avoid them if at all possible.

Although they’ve renovated in recent years, I find MSG to be antiquated. I get it that it is one of the iconic arenas, but I’d still rather watch a game or concert at a more modern venue. The fact that it sits atop the train station is a plus though.

There’s also a Fuku (fried chicken sandwich by Momofuku) stand in MSG. I had been meaning to try it and saw it there so I bought a sandwich. Poor decision, that thing had been prepared hours earlier and was sitting under one of those heat lamps until I purchased it at half time.

Yeah, the food in stadiums generally is not that appealing to me, to be honest. Better to go to Hooters or TGIF or something before the event - the fried stuff is actually pretty good…

Not sure about Momofuku. My perception is that the brand is plastered on a lot of random mediocre things. The Milk Bar was not that great when I went there. To be fair, I haven’t had the actual noodles, so maybe those are great. Who knows.

^^ That’s the problem with antiquated facilities. I bet that doesn’t happen at the Barclays Center.

this thread needs to be relegated to the investments forum.

also, ruffles has msg in it. delicious.