Mueller impanels grand jury

Is it getting interesting or is this a waste of time?

I thought they were pretty sure this happened already. Can’t they just send Putin a stern letter instead of spend more time on this?

What does impanel Mcmean

It Mcmeans something a lot better than impale

It means that Mueller is not messing around.

This is all theater. Mueller has already flipped. In exchange for helping take down bigger fish (Clinton crime family) he gets immunity for his crimes against humanity (9/11). Mark it down.

Turd, do these sheeple need to wake the f up because they can’t see this is plainly obvious?

Over the last 3 - 4 weeks the main players were presented w dead to rights evidence of deep deep crimes against humanity, treason, sedition, human trafficking, you name it. They were given the choice of confessing everything in exchange for mercy or facing the lynch mob. Some flipped (e.g. Mueller), some did not (e.g. Podesta). If you noticed you are starting to see congress fall in line behind trump - something like 75 of his nominees were confirmed today). Schumer said he’s willing to work on tax reform, etc. those who are falling in line have flipped. Those still resisting obviously have not and they are going to feel the wrath. The full ugliness of the actions of your elected officials is going to come out before the end of the year. I’ll honestly be surprised if we don’t have public hangings, suicides at the highest levels or both.

The firing of comey is what started the dominoes.

I am not a criminal but if you put a team of 15 “high powered/ over priced” attorneys (that donated to my rivals campaign) im sure they would uncover such things as my jay walking this morning… or the time i threw a recyclable soda can into the trash, or the weed grinder I keep in my drawer… last week I also filled up Sprite with my water cup at Chipotle… if they start looking into my financials… maybe they will see that my home office is only 250sq feet… not 255… or I just took the $500 charitable donation deduction because its the max allowed without a receipt… fuck me

sounds like if they keep digging… they will find something on Trump but it will have nothing to do with the original intention of this “special prosecutor”…

id like to see a “commission” type report on the 2016 election that includes all of Hillary’s fumbles… yes there was #fakenews but it went both ways. im sure a lot of Hillary voters really believed Trump was an anti-semite that would prosecute gays, lock up muslims and bring back Jim crow laws… the media coverage was 24/7 bashing Trump and the Access Hollywood taped that was leaked clearly to “influence” the election was many times more damaging than anything embarrassing in Wikileaks.

bUT what A bouT her eMaILs

Reps dug on HRC for 20 years and still all many say is “butter emails.” Get it through your head. This. Is. Not. A. Team. Sport. If we have a criminal in the White House that is a problem. I don’t care if it’s George Washington’s spirit risen.

This idiot is going to get re-elected in 2020 campaigning solely on Hillary. You see how fired up the WV crowd gets the second he brings her up?

Its funny for someone who wants so badly to talk about his historic victory he does a lot to make it seem like his opponent was a cakewalk to beat. Which of course is completely true, but you’d think he’d want the narrative to be what an overwhelming underdog he was not what a disaster HRC is. But when you have a crowd of southerners that are crickets during policy talk but lose their minds over “Lock her up” you gotta give the people what they want.

A grand jury means they think they’ve got evidence of criminal conduct.

the evidence I want to see is about Russia meddling in the election and a connection that said evidence impacted the election…

no one cares if Flynn/Manaforte/Kushner (anyone else) gets prosecuted for campaign disclosure rules…

it Flynn told Russia after election (we will review sanctions after inauguration)… ok hang him for this I don’t care

they need to come up with evidence that Trump was begging for Russia to mount concerted effort to swing the election in exchange for national security concessions by the Trump admin… – only going to happen in a fantasy novel

^ I’m not at Turd’s level of analytical skills, but I’m sensing a bit of bias in this post.

As I stated here 2 1/2 months ago, Mueller has flipped and will be used to take down the swamp creatures.


What we’re witnessing is the complete and total take down of the satanic/luciferian agenda that has infected every institution on the planet.

Weinstein was a shot at the middle of the house of cards and a way to introduce the masses to the pedo-satanist epidemic running rampant in entertainment AND government. Hollywood is officially dead. The NFL is officially dead. Every rotting institution is going through a complete reset.

The next two on the menu are FBI and the Fed.

I’ve given you all fair warning that we are in the middle of the great reset. Six months ago, we weren’t sure it was going to be 100% successful. Now we know for sure it will be 100% successful and society is going to be completely unrecognizable (in the best ways imaginable) in a few short years.

Go back to my posts in July/August. I said Oct/Nov was going to be eventful. You ain’t seen nothing yet. :wink:

This is all prelude to the Event, which I’ve provided information on. The financial system will be completely reset (you all might want to plan for that) and after a short transition period, money will no longer be necessary for society to function. The reason? Scarcity (due to costly energy) will be a thing of the past. The wheels are in motion to bring zero point energy (which has already been engineered) to the planet.

Note this is all theater, simply an outlet to start disclosing what the highest levels of government (way above president) have known for 60+ years – ETs have been in contact with us for thousands of years, we have many of their technologies (antigravity/zero point energy), and we understand they operate on higher planes of existence above 3D.

The ultimate disclosure will be the fact that the pedo-satanist agenda is being driven by negative ETIs who use the planet and its humans as a resource to be controlled and ‘farmed’. On the flip side there are benevolent ETIs that are assisting us in our ascension above 3D reality. As I’ve said, spirituality and science are 100% consistent when you take the right perspective. For example, read the book of Enoch and realize it is an accurate account of early human interaction with ETIs.

It’s time for you all to make your decision if you haven’t already. You are either here in service to yourself or in service to others. Your decision will determine your reality when the Event comes. Earth is going through its ascension above 3D reality.

If any of this piques your interest, I would highly recommend reading The Law of One series of books on the nature of reality. There is so much more to reality than we’ve been allowed to experience, but the veil is lifting before our eyes.

Love and light to you all!

Weinstein is a pedo now?

Having family members (Jr., SIL) meet with foreigners that promise help with elections for xyz in return. Sounds very patriotic. Stand for the national anthem patriotic.

The real conspiracy here is that Charlie Work and Black Swan returned at the same time.

Holy crap TF is back?