Muscat, Oman

So I’m going to Muscat Oman. I’m clueless. Does anybody here live there and want to keep me from getting my nuts chopped off?

Watch out for the camel spiders.

Whatcha going for? Business, pleasure, castration?

I spent a week there for work last year…its a pretty chilled out place. Its probably the poorest nation in the GCC so its not too flashy but there are (surprisingly) a large number of decent bars and nightclubs.

I lived there for about 16 years. I miss the place a lot. Life was so ‘chill’ back there. Make sure you visit Salalah (renowned for amazing mangoes), and also Quriyat. I’m not sure how long you’re going to be there for, but make sure you visit the Sultan Qaboos Palace. This link provides some good insight: Have fun Joey! Oman happens to be one of the more - if not most - neutral countries in the ME. You’ll have a good time there hopefully. Edit: Oh and I also forgot to mention the old forts. If you go into the more rural parts of Oman (about an hour to 2 hr drive from Muscat), you’ll get to see amazing historical ruins. I still distinctly remember being fascinated by the secret escape routes within some of these forts, and also checking out the cannons. Some of the rural places that come to mind are Rustaq, and Nizwa. Anyhow, if you need more info., feel free to shoot me an email: kevin_nadarajah at hotmail dot com

Are you stopping by Dubai as well?

>So I’m going to Muscat Oman. I’m clueless. Does anybody here live there and want to >keep me from getting my nuts chopped off? Try not to talk down to black people.

Behaving like this: probably not the best idea.

^ Interesting article. Usually it’s the Americans who are blamed for acting this way… Good to see that the “Coalition of the Willing” is all on the same page. Joey, I just sent you an email at your yahoo address; was hoping I might be able to pick your brain on how to approach a small project I have, mostly so that I don’t head off on any dead-end paths and have a sense of where potential pitfalls might be.

don’t forget to write your will, issue health directives, create living trusts & ilits before you leave, joey

The fear mongrels are thinking of Yemen. Spent a week in Muscat, very nice place to visit. Hiya Turkiya is in Muscat if you want to touch base with an AFer.

no, you misunderstood - that was specifically for joey. i have friends in muscat, i know about the place, dude. btw its not mongrels, its ‘mongers’

mongrels is apt. you didnt get it . some sarchasm eh!

Hey Joey, I am living in Muscat. there are no spider camels around here. I am sure you will enjoy your stay in Muscat. I and my husband will be more than happy to take care of you here! He is an Omani. You can send me an e-mail on

Hey UAECFA, I did not get your e-mail before, My e-mail is as above I am hoping to come to Dubai this month. If you are not on holiday somewhere, may be we can meet in July.

Hiya, Tried to send you an email, but it bounced back. You gave Joey and I two different email addresses. Actually, bot email addresses bounced back.

Sorry, sorry it is omantel also you can try

You know what they say about meeting men you only know from the internet…

I don’t know what they say… but it is a matter of interaction. I know Joey from this Forum for 2 years, and UAECFA more than a year… I guess if you see people in this forum for quite some time, you would know more about them them than the ones you would meet in real life, here and there once or twice.

For sure, once you get through all the levels you start to identify with the others alot more.