Life is a game of inches…when we add up all those inches, it makes the difference between winning and losing… Base case scenario: -… AM Individual IPS… 30 out of 36 Behaviouial… 8 out of 9 DB IPS… 8 out 36 Corner Port… 2 out of 17 Bond …11 out of 14 Risk Mgmt …10 out of 13 Reverse Cash…5 out of 14 VWAP…11 out of 14 CPPI…0 out of 9 Attribution…9 out of 9 FX…2 out of 9. IN SUM:- AM score is 96 out 180 or 53.3% PM Having read all and every the posts on AF I know I dropped 5/60 (and that covered most of it) so for prudency we will assume 85% i.e. 51/60. So the morning is going damage me and the afternoon will pull me through. I am assuming a MPS of 68% so my hypothetical is 69% is a squeak of a pass. Not taking any bets though…feeling so nervous. Anyone’s thoughts???

* sigh *

Is the MPS lickely to be 67%

i am freakin out

70% MPS!!!

shoooosh werewolf…quit breaking hearts…i break souls

call me equity_research_nds

I doubt 70% MPS for even level 1 For level III it would be close to 55-57%…

I wish you were correct, zidane2

66% is more realistic

2.5 hours to go!!! BRING IT ON BABY

ready when you are

given the kind of passes seen last year, I would anticipate an MPS of between 57-63%. Apollo22 - if your marks are in line with your forecasts, I am sure you will pass.

At this point, i already don’t care, i just want results to get back to my normal self

what is MPS …neva heards of dat!!!

I would still be correct , u can c that after the results…

MPS - minimum passing score

what annoys me is taht they have that “Have you passed level III?” link all over the website. Talk about rubbing it in

apollo… i dont think u can fail if you are even close to 68%… congrats in advance… might need ur help next year on some doubts… if the MPS is 67%, the pass % would be 6.7%…

I will have to score 134% in afternoon session to pass… well I have a tough chance… wish me luck…