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I am getting very frustrated with my job and have decided I will be resigning tomorrow. I don’t even have a job offer in place. My family (wife, 2 yr old daughter and expecting) and I will be tight on cash until I find something that I actually want to do. Quite frankly, I took this job because of the increase in salary. However, i came to realize they really don’t care about me pursuing the CFA, although when I interviewed they mentioned it was one of the deciding factors in hiring me. I have invested so much time and effort into finishing the CFA program which means I might as well pursue a career that undoubtedly values the certificate.

I live in miami so you can imagine not too many companies would actually favor the CFA.

I am just worried about not being able to find something in this field, although I do have over 5 years in corporate finance experience from my last job. However I don’t have investment banking or research experience which I want to delve into.

I don’t know but I hate my job. I guess i need some help and advice.

You are quitting and going jobless because your company doesn’t care you are pursing the CFA?? Did I read that right?

I think you’ve lost it.

Quit your job if you are being severely mistreated, but surely it has to be more serious than “they don’t care about my CFA advancement.”

You are going to make a huge mistake. A lot of shops don’t care about CFA especially Investment Banking.

What do u do?

Part of the reason is the CFA thing, yes, but the majority of me quitting is because I am not happy there. I guess you can call it mistreatment.

Capt. Save A Ho - your name reminds me of project pat - i am a senior financial analyst. scope of my duties are budgeting, forecasting, expense tracking, m&a analysis, kpi, etc.

I have a suspicion this guy is being asked to do grunt work since he is low man on the food chain and feels like he should be doing other important stuff because he has passed a few levels of CFA test.

i wouldn’t say senior financial analyst is low on the food chain. I don’t feel i should be doing this work period, whether it is clerical work or executive. I thought what i would be doing would have something to do with the CFA. If I felt like this is what i want to do for the rest of my life then i wouldn’t bother studying for this exam.

Wow. That stuff is not interesting/fulfilling at all, i feel your pain. But why not wait until you obtain the CFA first before ditching the gig with nothing to fall on? I could see if you were quitting to launch a startup or something, but it looks like you have no alternative plan.

no good husband or father would quit his job with nothing else lined up… that’s all i have to say.

Don’t be an idiot - find a new job before you quit. If you do resign tomorrow, every future interviewer is going to wonder why you left that position without having something else lined up. What are you going to say? They won’t like “hightailed and ran the moment I got bored”, and anything else would be a lie.

you may dislike your job now…but you will hate having none

If you leave your job, let me know what it is, I’ll do it for a 30% paycut, tell your employer. I may need a few months training, but I’m good with a 30% paycut.

Asalman, we’re in the a similar boat. I’m working on Level 3, too, and I thought I would have a job that pays six figures by now. However, I’m also a CPA, and I am not working.

Data entry and boring work is part of life. Most of my jobs have been pretty boring. I’ve done a lot of data entry. I think that if that is your motivation for leaving, you’ll find really quick that the grass is not greener elsewhere.

Unless you’re getting verbally or emotionally abused, I would line somthing else up before I quit. Having no paycheck and no prospects for a paycheck is not a position you want to be in.

You do not quit a job without another if you have any potential to be “tight on cash”, x10 if you have people counting on you to suppor them. It’s your current job, it is not your forever job, get some perspective. Shut up, quit being a baby about people not caring about all the studying you’ve done, go to work.

If you want to quit then stock cash so you can quit and have time, anyone who jeopardizes their family’s lifestyle otherwise is a selfish wimpy POS.


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The CFA Institute can sell a freezer to an eskimo. They’ve done a tremendous marketing job making most in this industry believe that their charter is important.