My L3 Notes Thus Far.


My L3 notes are finally done, after taking significantly longer than I expected (trading/rebalancing and GIPS, I hate you). Get them HERE.

I think last time I posted my notes, I had gone through and proofread them. I have NOT done that this time, so you may see some misspellings here and there. Sorry about that. Burnout or senioritis or general apathy or whatever you wanna call it has been hitting me hard this time around. Let me know if you see any errors!

A couple of things to note though:

  • Like last time, text that’s in blue are examples either from the text or from a Topic Test that I really liked.
  • This level, in my opinion, really focuses on subtlety and nuance. I often struggled to summarize many of the concepts into shorter sentences, so I essentially copied what I highlighted, word for word, into these notes. I think the lack of formulas made it difficult for me to be succinct.
  • Ethics isn’t done (do it on your own you lazy bum).
  • This level seems WAY easier than L2 to me, but also less interesting and the material just had a weirder feel, for some reason. Some stuff seemed subjective, but maybe once I do some of the problems a couple more times, I’ll get a clearer picture.

Ummmmm…I think that’s all I got. World peace.

Karma points coming your way.


DYMKE, I am glad to see you’re on level 3 this year, your notes from L2 were amazingly helpful. I saw your post on Reddit under a different username and thought that this format of notes had a very familiar feel to them haha.

Yep I’m the same person! :slight_smile:

Hello again dymke! I used your notes last year to supplement my review and they were very helpful! Thanks again for sharing this year. As Hashtag so succinctly stated … karma points coming your way. Best of luck this year! I hope we all nail it.

Right back atcha, JayWill!

Thxs, buddy.

Just when you are in a mid-exam crisis dymke appears with his notes. Thanks :+1:

so its like you face the anger Hulk and then suddenly Veronica comes in…


Thanks dymke! I used your L2 notes last year on my commute every day, they were amazing. Plan to do the same starting Monday

Thanks dymke. I remember going through your level 2 notes last year and they were immensely helpful. Will use these ones too.

Also just wanted to put it out there that I have FinQuiz summaries for each Reading (similar to Schweser Secret Sauce). If anyone wants, I can email them to you.

Good luck! I’m nervous they aren’t quite as rich and succinct as L2. I’m severely burnt out, and kinda felt like a robot whilst typing them up.

Also L3 is tougher to take notes, as a large chunk of the material seems highly situational and specific to certain scenarios. At least to me it felt like that.

Nevertheless, I hope they at least provide a little bit of usefulness!

just thinking - you have done a fine job typing up stuff… now start to write them out by hand, so you can do that come 3 months time …

Thanks dymke.

Thanks a lot. I remember your notes were so helpful to me


Could we have your email address?

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message me on analyst forum with your email address and I’ll send it.

Can you please email the notes to Thank you much.

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