My story....

Since we’re on the subject, I thought I’d share my story about a little incident that happened right after I graduated high school, but before I went to the Jedi academy. I was 19 at the time.

As you all know, I’m from Dagobah. A friend of mine decided he’d set me up with this chick from the neighboring town, called Tatooine. (He was dating a girl from Tatooine at the time.) I drive over to her place one day, we sit outside for a while just talking. I liked her, and I think she liked me too, but she said she had just started going out with another guy within the past week or so. I tell her, “That’s cool. But I’m glad to meet you, and maybe we’ll meet again someday.” And that was that.

A couple of months later, I’m at work, and some cops from Tatooine call me and ask me to stop by once I get off work. I thought that a guy I knew might have caused a little trouble over there. (I didn’t pick my friends too well in high school.) So I came by, and they started asking me a bunch of questions. Pretty soon, I realized that I was the one being invstigated.

In short, I was accused of “aggravated sexual assault”, which has a MANDATORY MINIMUM sentence of 10 years probation, and I’d have to register as a sex offender. Apparently, a local TWELVE YEAR OLD had accused me of getting her in the backseat of my car and doing…unseeminly things to her.

As it turns out, it was this girl’s little sister. She had gone to church camp, and heard all the older (HS juniors) talking about who they scked and fked and what not. In order to feel included, she picked me, just because she knew my name and I was from the next town. Didn’t take long before the youth minister heard about it, and took her to the hospital and the cops. (BTW–I never blamed the youth minister for doing that. He did exactly what he should have done.)

In the end, she kept changing her story, and the cops never believed her. Moreover, the doctors never found any evidence that confirmed her story. Finally, she confessed that she made the whole thing up.

Just goes to show that women (or little girls) have a whole lot of power to destroy lives, whether they intend to or not. Granted, I never had any long-lasting effects from it, but if I had to fight a bogus battle, it would have destroyed my reputation, and would have cost me a LOT of money to fight in court.

^ Respect

Can’t tell if true story or star wars fan-fic…

That said, I’m 100% for false accusers facing the exact sentence the falsely accused would have faced. The fact a girl can literally just say wolf and completely ruin a mans life is beyond ridiculous.

I agree with you in theory, but that would be a horrible practice to institute on a broad basis. For one thing, sexual assault is already under-reported because women feel ashamed to come forward. Throw a possible crime for false accusation and it’d make it that much worse.

Where this might work is in civil courts. For example, if a woman says Kobe Bryant assaulted her, takes him to civil court for millions of dollars, and the jury finds it’s an obvious shakedown…she should be jettisoned into the sun.

Another problem would arise if a man does rape a woman, but is found innocent in court, due to lack of evidence or any other reason. Would the woman then be found guilty of false accusation?

Overall, I still believe that men enjoy more benefits and fewer disadvantages than women. Men are bigger and stronger, and are less likely to become targets of physical violence or crime. We also do not reproduce by carrying a parasitic organism in our abdomens for nine months, only to have it forcibly rip its way out of our genitals.

Would’ve scarred me for life.

That is disturbingly true. Thanks for making my afternoon more interesting.

But I’d agree, men have a lot more to lose in situations like that, a loss that is only amplified by the amount of power or money they have.

If you follow the NFL, you might have heard about a guy named Brian Banks who was trying out with the Falcons this year. Didn’t make the team, or even the practice squad, but his story - which has a lot to do with the theme of the original post - is worth listening to. Here he is on a podcast with Rich Eisen of the NFL Network. Long but worthwhile.

He was on 60 minutes too

Cliffnotes: a star HS football player who was joining USC on a FB scholarship gets accused of rape by his HS friend. Spends 10yrs in jail, his entire life/career is ruined. Upon his release he meets up with her and secretly tapes her confessing to fabricating the story. Goes to court and gets exonerated.

^Why did she do it? Did she ever say?

People don’t just make up stories like this for no reason. The girl in my story did it because she wanted to fit in with the older girls. Kobe’s girl did it to get money and fame.

(Didn’t say it needed to be a GOOD reason, but these are reasons nonetheless.)

brian banks

I know someone that went to jail for statutory rape. He was at a party and ended up getting oral from a girl he met at the party. He was 19 and the girl was 16. The girl’s parents found out and pressed charges. It was completely consensual and they were both in high school.

Greenie, I think you dodged a bullet there.

I similar case surfaced this year in Germany. A female teacher accused a colleague of rape. The guy was jailed for 5 years having to serve the entire sentence without chance for parole because he insisted he was innocent and he wouldnt participate in sex offender group therapy. When he was released, he was a complete mess and he died of a heart attack shortly after in 2012. Only a few months later the school where this happened found out that this women is actually nuts, inventing crazy stories for attention. That’s all. Effin’ tragedy.

I understand the law was promulgated towards safety for vulnerable girls being preyed on by older men but this is plain wrong. I’m surprised the community didn’t shun the parents for ruining your friends life or a portion of it.

^I don’t know about other states, but Texas has a “17 years old -OR- within three years of each other” rule. This prevents a guy who’s 17 yrs and one day old from going to jail because he fornicated with a girl who’s 16 years and 364 days old.

Oddly enough, this law is only for straight teens. Gay ones are SOL. (I don’t really know why, either.)

He was a friend of a guy I worked with back in college. I asked the same sort of questions. Didn’t he get a good lawyer? (parents didn’t have the money) Why in the hell did the parents press charges? (Not sure but he knew they were strict Mormons)

I asked him a couple questions about his jail time and got some interesting answers.

  1. Is rape that big of an issue? County jail in a decent neighborhood so no. But a guy did try to knock him out once which is how guys were generally raped in the jail he was at.
  2. Fapping? For some reason, the guards are super strict about it for the first couple of weeks you’re there. After that, they don’t care.
  3. Drugs? Easier to get on the inside.

I think a lot of states have those type of “romeo and juliet” clauses.

Because that is sodomy…and it involves poo.

I think they’re pretty common, but I don’t know how long they’ve been on the books. My best friend got hit with statutory rape when he was 18 and girl was 16. That was 25 years ago though.

Absent a clause like that, what happens if both the guy and girl are 16 and its consentual? How much you want to bet they still find a way to screw over the guy…