My Strange Addiction on TLC

^Not really.

Can I still come over and do your dishes?


It’s gross on so many levels!

I assume you also wash your baby’s bottles in the same sink that you piss in?

that is just digusting bro.

It’s gross to think about, yes, but it’s actually not dangerous (assuming the sink’s been rinsed). Pee sterilizes stuff remarkably well (one of the reasons UTIs can be so painful).

Flushing toilets, on the other hand, has a tendency to aerosolize whatever is in the bowl and have it float around invisibly until it lands on stuff to stick (also invisibly). And stuff can find its way backwards through the pipes and actually rise up as suspended particulates through the sink drain. Ironically, peeing in the sink may actually make the sink safer, though I’d still want to rinse it after.

I don’t pee in sinks, except in cases where there is no other alternative and things are urgent. I do have an instinctive “ugh” feeling about hearing that someone’s done that, but it’s not such a terrible thing when you think about it carefully. The main concern is splashback, so be sure and wash thoroughly afterwards.

Does nobody have a dishwasher? getting head aside, any time spent doing dishes is time wasted.

and i thought spitting in the urinal was some sort of evolutionary reflex? like poking fire with a stick

I enjoy threads like this because I always walk away feeling smugly proud of the fact that I don’t do weird things like shit in the shower.

^ Spill the beans bro, there has to be something weird that you do. Everyone can’t be a normal CFA up in here.

I habitually don’t finish the last bite of my food or drink the last sip of whatever I am drinking. I don’t know why I do that but it’s pretty weird I guess.

Taking a Sh!t in the shower is utterly disgusting. You are litterally standing in your own crap.

Doesn’t count. Everybody does that.

@CvM - What do you do when you accidentally release a big log in the shower? Do you have to smash it with your feet into the drain?

Y’all didn’t read what I wrote. So I start off my day by taking the browns to the superbowl. I then hop in the shower. Sometimes, there will be a few rabbit pellots left over and rather than leave my hot steamy shower, I just let 'em rip. No, I don’t smash them in the drain. I live in a ghetto spot with a drain so large you could drop a golfball down it.

^ I read what you wrote and it’s still gross.

dude calm down we heard u. jesus

If you know you’re getting in the shower after, do you wipe? Or do you save on toilet paper that way?

This is getting gross enough that it may be time to remove it as a public health hazard. What do other board members (and AF members) think?

Bounce it. I thought we could have some fun with our odd/strange/iconic habits but instead it became a finger pointing rant. Sheesh, people can’t even have fun on an anonymous message board.

^Yep. People are interested in maintaining their “cool” persona, even when nobod knows who the F they are.

Admittedly, I did laugh at the “take the browns to the superbowl” comment. Even engrossified, that was indeed a clever twist of frays.

Eiww Eiww Eiww

This is so gross…Gosh I shouldn’t have read it. I cant eat now.

I do not think that a thread should be removed just for being gross - gross is from the point of view of the observer, not the writer. Also, it is true that most people shed trace amounts of fecal matter in the shower, whether on purpose or not. However, it is disturbing that CvM describes this as an “addiction” and it makes me wonder if he has related habits or fetishes.

Greenman, wtf peeing in the kitchen sink? Even with thorough cleaning, the probability of small amounts of urine contaminating your kitchenware converges to one.