My Whole Plan Just Blew Up!

I’m a senior and adamantly want to do the Dec L1 / June L2 combo but just found out the latest registration for L2 is 4 weeks before I officially graduate! I just called CFAI and all they said was I have to graduate before I register. Is there any way around this? Do they really check when you graduate?

“At the time your degree is awarded, you may update your account education information to certify that your degree has been received.” How do they verify this?

The only consolation is that it will give me some time to look for a job while in school.

think about the designation you are trying to receive

Ah i meant to post this in L2.

pdub, you should change your name to naysayer

Based on your post, are you implying that you want to lie and get away with it?

Putting that aside, spend the time looking for a good job. That is far more important then passing a CFA test

you are basically asking if its okay to lie directly to the CFAI in order to take an exam that is 10% weighted on ethics. now i personally havent read the ethics part yet but im pretty sure there’s a section on misrepresentation.

not trying to rain on your parade man, truthfully. take the advice of those around you. this program isnt really worth rushing through anyway. i rushed through school and completely regret it because i didnt learn everything as well as i could have, nor as well as i should have to feel confident about having formal education in finance.

this whole process will do you little to no good if you dont have any relevant work experience or internships - which I dont, so im not talking down to you, more-so trying to help you before you screw this up like i did and spend the next 3-4 years trying to find a way to show you want this while getting back in front of recruiters without getting arrested for trespassing on a university campus.

everyone is right on this forum when they tell you that NETWORKING and EXPERIENCE>>>>>>>>>>CFA

i worked full-time in undergrad because i was broke so i couldnt participate in student clubs/events…i therefore didnt make a ton of friends and was extremely quiet and not very confident in what i had to offer vs others…i left undergrad with no relevant internship…no contacts…and little hope…i now have a job that is not even close to relevant experience

get level 1 done in decemeber…might as well…and then focus on networking and jobs all spring so that you’ll have one when you graduate…if you don’t find a job that is RELEVANT…go to grad school and network like crazy and try for an internship…or you’ll be sorry

and if you’ve already had a relevant internship…good for you…get another one…or a job…its more important that CFA level 2 before you graduate undergrad

bookmark this post…you will thank me later…if you listen

Enjoy your final year of freedom.

Taking these exams while still in school won’t make the 4 years work experience go any faster

My original post was poorly worded, I apologize. No I wasn’t planning on lying - just wondering if there was some kind of waiver for extenuating circumstances or if my school could write a letter or if anyone else was in the same boat.

I’m confident in securing a finance job based on my academics / existing contacts / previous internships. The biggest reason I want to get L2 right away is because I’ll never have so much time on my hands again. Plus, waiting 18 months in between tests means I’d have to spend additional time reviewing L1. It just makes sense for my personal situation. My time is cheaper now than it will be 1 or 2 years from now.

birdec, is there someway you can cram some classes in and graduate early?

I don’t know how is US but in my country you don’t find the perfect job from the first time(most of the cases) so if i were you i would find a job, add some work experience, get used to the work environment…and then quit and study for the exam


Smart :slight_smile:

Just register and take the test. No big deal. Nobody will be scrutinising this.

I do agree with what the other people are saying with regards to finding employment and enjoying your final semester of college.

Passing Level 2 in 4.5 months woul have been very difficult. The pass rates are VERY LOW.

The people taking these exams are very smart. Your up agains people with accounting designations, MBAs and years of experience as analysts. If you want to pass you will have to work extremely hard.

Enjoy your last semester, you will never have that time in your life again.

PS - if the CFAI ever found out you took the test and knew you shouldn’t have, they could make getting your CFA Charter difficult.

You are getting way too ahead of yourself. You haven’t even taken level 1 yet and you are worried about registering for level 2?

I sent an email to CFAI regarding my situation : I recently finished all the courses in a bachelor degree, but still haven’t get the degree or a letter. They told me I can’t register until I get a letter from university stating that I finished all the courses. I am annoyed cause I’m looking for work and would like to take a peek at the material, but I will wait for a few weeks until I get the letter. I don’t want to take a stupid risk! You should play by the rules!

God i love those confident kids already thinking about L2 when they did not even register for L1

I am qualified to comment on this. I graduated undergrad a semester early so i took L1 in June 2011. I passed but had a hard time finding a job after graduation with two internships. I would have been a lot better off getting a minor or second major in either Math, or Accounting. ( I graduated with Finance) I never thought of the CFA as a way to get a job, but I knew it would be a requirement for many jobs i would eventually want. While it did get me some interviews, i lost out to others with more experience. So I would do it all differently if I could do it again.

I dont! i think they are being dumb


Thanks guys, incredibly encouraging comments…

As far as “enjoying my last semester”, I go to a non-party school in the middle of nowhere and am getting married anyway - the vast majority of my time is spent in the library. This is a non-issue.

Also, not sure how being ambitious equates to dumb and overconfident. I’m a freaking work horse and am top of my class. But then again, I didn’t build that - somebody else made that happen.

I’m only taking 2 classes my last semester and can literally devote 40 hours a week to the exam - why in God’s green earth would I not try and take it if I can? Getting a job and then either studying late at night or quitting it entirely [and thus, losing my income] is definitely a much higher opportunity cost than studying while in school.

you make good points but you also should consider that some things are a process…and should be timed appropriately…while not the same thing since you did mention that you have had previous internships and therefore experience, the point im making is similar to the kid who says i might as well just get a joint mba/jd immediately following undergrad because ill never have that much free time again…then u have all of these credentials and little experience, and it can hamper your job search…i.e. overqualified for pay level…etc…i would think anyway

again…just food for thought…not saying you’re way off base or ridiculous for wanting to use your extra time for something that you’ll eventually do anyway…just wondering if thats more hurtful than helpful…maybe some of the other experienced charterholders who are involved in the hiring process can chime in?