#PreferredinOppositeSex #physicalANDintellectual















#Booty+Rack>Highly above average

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Perhaps the list of smart hot women contains…

…dorks who hashtag?

  1. Blake’s mom

  2. I’m flexible





This sounds fun, I’ll play along

  • #intelligentConversation
  • #feminine
  • #prettyFace
  • #notTooOverweightOrAnorexic
  • #intoMe

There are other qualities that almost made the list, but these seem good

  1. pretty face

  2. hot body

  3. rich

  4. not needy

  5. smart

In no particular order:






good one

I’m glad to see that racially charged language remains and your mom jokes get censored ha ha

#reallynicelegs (generally a dancer girl has these)

#bigboobs (preferred size is DD or D but not fat girl boobs, i.e she should be a healthy weight)



#notafraidtoletmedrivethecarallthetime (i hate girls with issues who want to drive because they want to prove a point that women can drive too and that driving is not an “only man” thing)

In my experience, the women I know want me to drive them around, even if it’s with them sitting in their own car. I don’t really mind that much, but I find it interesting.

Similarly, many want me to pay for dinner, even if it’s with their credit card. The image thing is important, I guess.

I can understand the driving thing. But people give you their credit card to give the server? That’s odd.

My wife almost never drives when we’re together. Although she drives like crap, it’s kind of annoying to always be the driver.

Never heard of this before. So before you go into a restaurant, she gives you her card?


Or maybe he dates cougars. That would make this scenario more explainable.

Yes, particularly if she wants you to drive a particular way or take a particular route.

This used to be a big issue with my ex. When I’m behind the wheel, you can make suggestions of what route to take, but I’m not your taxi driver, I reserve the right to do otherwise.

With my current girlfriend, this isn’t a problem, but she still freaks out anytime other cars make a wacky lane change and dealing with her panic seldom helps the situation. It’s better than being bossed around by a backseat driver and have to decide whether it feels worse to buckle under or to get into an argument, though.

As for the credit card thing, I was unemployed for a while and on a tight budget, so when we would go somewhere nice and possibly pricey, she had no issues about paying, but didn’t want it to *look* like she was paying. I actually understood it, but it still felt odd handing the waiter her credit card.

My current girl occasionally wants to treat me to something, and she also doesn’t like the appearance that she’s paying, so she will often hand me her card to hand to the waiter. For me, it’s odd, because it basically requires me to forge her signature. It’s with her permission, but it still feels odd.