Nearly half of women in relationships have 'Plan B' man, higher % if Married

“Half of all women have a ‘Plan B’ - in the shape of a man whose arms they can run into if their current relationship turns sour.”

“And, worryingly, married women are more likely have a Plan B in the background than those who are merely in a relationship.”

"It also emerged the Plan B is likely to be an ‘old friend’ who has always had feelings for the woman in question.

But other candidates are an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband, a colleague or someone who they have met at the gym."

“One in four admitted their current partner had met their Plan B, while one in five admitted he was a friend of the man in her life.”

The idea that most women have a trusted male friend isn’t exactly surprising or alarming. Relationships require effort and if you slack off or treat your woman like shit, I wouldn’t blame them for leaving. Nor would it be any different for guys, other than that we likely have lists of plan Bs. The idea that its a competitive marketplace with lots of options shouldn’t be surprising. It rolls both ways, and like most things in life, you get out what you put in. In summary, nonsense stuff. And shouldn’t you be out prowling the bars of the Old Montreal for HCBs on a Friday night, rather than reading articles on relationships.

Whats wrong with that ?Most males have one of these so called friends too.I think from time to time we forget that somehow we are all animals,I mean whenever it is expected we act and aspire to high social/cultural standards we should remember that we are animals.

I have plans that get fairly far into the alphabet. However, my woman treats me well enough that I don’t foresee needing to go there for the foreseeable future.

I would not be surprised or blame her at all if she has a list of her own, as I see men hitting on her often enough. However, I don’t really want to know who is on her list and I’ll have to trust that as long as I’m doing my part in the relationship, she won’t go there (which I do trust with her)

Plan B’s are like the backup QB’s of relationships. They look good when things are not going well with your significant other. But once you actually have to go to a plan B, they suddenly don’t look quite so good.

If a woman is a 7.5 or above it’s almost certain they have plans that go all the way to Z.

LOL, my life is so much more than prowling bars. After a crazy volatile week on the markets, it felt good going for a 50 lap swim last night. I was also putting the finishing touches on a stand up comedy night tonight. We have MGM Grand’s comic Dylan Mandlsohn headlining tonight. And a casting company will be present as it needs extras for the X-Men Apocalypse movie that will shoot here next April. So if you’re in town or know anyone, Yuk Yuk’s is the place to be. A few groups of HCBs usually show up.

Interesting stat. I find this alarmingly correct

Agree, otherwise they would be known as Plan A.

I told my wife about this. She said i am Plan B :-/

Extremely selfish and pointless!

In all fairness, who here is married or is in a long term relationship, and has not thought about what you would do if your spouse/partner suddenly disappeared, died, or otherwise went away? I certainly have women in mind who I would hit on if I was suddenly single.

Kind of weird though that women in that survey identified one specific person and have been dragging that person along somehow.

Blue pill everyone of ya.

The point is once women have consumed plan A’s resources, the parasite will move on to Plan B.

That’s why plan B exisits.

when I was in a LTR, I definitely had some other chicks I’d go after in the event I could.


Women *feel* that they can’t survive on their own and need multipe caves set up (especially if they don’t feel safe, or even if they do feel safe). Of course in the modern world they can survive on their own, but their primal instincts are still with them, and fear of being thrown out of the cave and eaten by wolves leads them to set up a second cave on the side.

I’m going to write a book on anthropology/psychology. It’s really quite useful in understanding human behavior, which is in turn useful in relationships and money making.


This article has been going around FB.

I Love My Husband, But Here’s Why I Want to Cheat

I’m one of the lucky ones: I’m married to my soul mate…

Impressed that former trader has not somehow managed to work in “the top 20% of men have all the options, because men are willing to sleep down, but women only sleep up” into the conversation, or that “Women vastly overestimate their options in the mating market” (which I don’t disagree with, but I don’t think it’s unique to women).

By the way, I’m taller than average. :wink:

March 16, 2012… that didn’t take long.

Edit: This comment just won the internet for today:

You want to cheat on your husband after 2 years and you blogged about it. I’m not sensing that you have much respect for him, I feel bad for him.

You owe me a new keyboard smiley