Need advice! 6 years later, should I continue CFA L3?

I passed my CFA level 2 back in 2011, failed level 3 once in 2012.

Started a new job soon after that, & didn’t continue my level 3 study as work was pretty full on. Now I have a bit more free time and wondering whether should complete CFA and it may take a few more years.

Anyone has similar situations & what are your suggestions?

If you’ve completed Level II you owe it to yourself to complete! If you get a good study plan and follow it – you could do be done with just one more!

2012 not that long ago. And you have a full year here.

Good luck!

You can do it, Cathy.


Level 3 is easier than Level 2, but taking a long break means you will need to relearn some of Level 2 and Level 1 perhaps. Hopefully you have good notes or can find some online.

Not true in my opinion.

:grin: :+1:

Why would it take you a few more years? Is it for the work experience requirement?

Why would you not take Level 3? What else are you doing?


I’m just repeating the gospel. But my first practice exam score on Level 3 was better than my first practice exam score on Level 2 and likely Level 1. I’m talking about the online multiple choice exam not the dreaded morning portion.


Oh so you haven’t even taken L3 yet and weren’t referring to the written portion of the exam that not only makes up 50% of it but is the main reason people find it more difficult. Got it. Thanks for your valuable input.

Even if L3 seems harder when you are answering the questions, I don’t know if we can say that it’s actually a harder exam, since we don’t know the passing rate for the same candidates who take L2 and L3. Maybe the exam seems hard, but it is offset by a low passing standard.

I’d definitely agree though, that you would normally feel less comfortable in answering the L3 question, since the answers can be subjective and the format can be disorienting.

I pooped my pants preparing for level 2. If level 3’s any harder, go long on underwear stocks.

AM portion is harder, PM not.

If time and money aren’t an issue, you should take it. If you pass, you’re a charrerholder, and if you fail, you’re no worse off than now

I wonder go though the whole of L1 and L2 again. I’d start soon going through the 2018 notes from your favourite provider (which you should be able to buy cheap in a few weeks) and you may find you need to fill in a few gaps from the earlier levels.

When the updated notes come out early next year, you’ll already be familiar with most of the material

Thank you for your words. I will probably consider to do it again next year. Baby no.2 is coming in June. So may need some time off before go into the study mode. lol… Need new challenges.

You are right. I think i probably should have continue since i am already 66.6666% finished… Just my current work is lack of challenges so that’s why i want to to start L3 again.

You sir are not making friends and influencing people.

My opinion is 100% valid as someone who took time off from the CFA program after passing Level 1 then came back years later, further more I am actively studying for Level 3 so am using the current official curriculum and in my opinion it is less reading, less formulas, and less stressful than Level 2. I’ve written multiple morning sessions from previous years, multiple online practice exams and I’ve seen the percentage of people who have passed Level 3 stay above 50% whereas it is clearly lowest for Level 2 in the long run averages of all the levels. It is true Level 1 and Level 2 weed out a lot of people, but I myself worry less about Level 3 than I worry about other real world issues. And I think I’ve just about had enough of this forum.

I doubt I will be posting or logging in again, congratulations!

Your opinion is about as valid as a pilot in training that has run a few simulation crashes and comments on how easy it is to land a plane with an engine on fire.

K byeeee