Need help from you americans

What are those mexican/latino mini-tortilla-like things called? I was in Orlando last year and all the gas stations and Grocery Stores had these little wrap things filled with cheese and all sorts of unhealthy stuff next to hotdogs and corndogs. Does anyone know what they’re called? I think it started with a P but not entirely sure…



EDIT: probably taquito if at a gas station

I knew before I clicked this would either be about junk food or guns.

Yes hp that’s the one!! Suddenly got a craving for these bad boys, want to see if I can get them anywhere over here. I ate enough to clog a couple arteries last year.

Only two things you people are good for

Every country has something to offer to the world!

The gas station near my house has “breakfast taquitos” that are possibly the best food ever. However, people seem to gag when I talk abou them. It is good that someone else understands the truth.

Even the British have the sense to not eat that shit, good luck finding one!

They sell frozen ones by the gross at Sam’s Club! I’m happy to ship them anywhere in the world for cost plus 10% plus shipping.

The British have shit of their own to eat. I was in London for a week earlier in the year, and was downing Pork Pies two at a time, multiple times a day from the Tescos across the street from my hotel… then I looked up the nutritional value. I kept eating just as much, but they were now served with a side of shame.

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Dafuq you mean, “You People!?”

Yo, those 7-11 taquitos are good but they get chewy if they’ve been on the rollers too long.

Does anyone remember the bread roll things that you used to be able to get at 7-11? They were stuffed with like pepperoni and cheese or steak and cheese, but it wasn’t the taquito shell – it was more like a soft bread covering, but they were on the rollers like the taquitos.

I realize that these snacks sound absolutely disgusting, but I am telling you those bread roller things used to be a fantastic snack.

I found somewhere that sells them (Wahaca for those interested) but they don’t seem anywhere near as authentically unhealthy as the ones I had in the US or hps picture. For one they have actual chicken pieces inside instead of questionable “beef” mush.

Nobody has contributed to the junk food and dessert world like the US, the rest of world thanks you for it.

Ever been to Japan?

When I was a kid right after they raised the sales tax to 5%, we discovered that buying 10yen sweets means tax comes to .5 yen…so, zero. So we would go into these shops and buy 10 yen candies one at a time to avoid paying tax. Anyway the point is, these 10 yen sweets were flavored air and cancer wrapped in colorful foil with weird cartoon characters… and they taste so good. There was another that was basically solidified sauce. I’m sure they’ll make me gag now, but those were like the highlight of our walk home from school back then.

Air and cancer? Sounds like my kind of treat.

Never been to Japan unfortunately, will probably blow my mind once I do make the trip.

I would kill for a Domino’s pizza…

Here you go