Need some advice.

A co-worker of mine is requesting that I come in on Saturday and train her (no, not like that, strictly business) on Microsoft Office Suite. She said she’ll pay me and asked me to make a market. She has said 10a-2p. I am thinking $25-35/hr is reasonable? I’ve asked her to create a bullet list of topics she wants to cover so we can effectively knock out what she needs/wants. So the question is how much should I charge her?

Rather than accepting money, you should let her buy you lunch or dinner (professionally, of course). Buying food leaves a more positive feeling than giving cash. You’ll create a lot of goodwill, which she will spread around the office. $30 an hour for 4 hours is not much money anyway. Preempting inevitable non-serious responses: You should sell your body, etc. etc.

I really just want to cash for beer money…

Don’t charge for this

yep don’t charge for this.


Charge her. If you don’t, you’ll end up running errands for this coworker because you’re an easy mark. Essentially, she wants you to help her overcome her own inadequacies (seriously, who doesn’t know how to use MS Office?) on your own time. Something significant, but not exorbitant. 25-35 seems like a good range. Maybe even give her a comp of a MS Office course in the area (easy google search) which probably runs a couple hundy and takes way longer than 4 focused hours.

don’t charge for 4 hours of training? on a saturday? i like ohai’s suggestion but definitely do charge. or it’s acceptable to do it for free as an informal coworker training while in the office, but spending 4 hrs on a saturday at no charge, why

Don’t charge her… just mention it to your boss that you helped her out on a saturday=goodwill

I think this is code for…nupps, let’s get it ON. I would definitely train her.

Don’t charge her. Or, request a case of cheap domestic beer. Seriously.

Tell her that you’re throwing a party and ask her $120 of booze.

cubsfish Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Don’t charge her… just mention it to your boss > that you helped her out on a saturday=goodwill charge her. then mention to your boss that you helped her out on a saturday=goodwill+cash

charge her. train her, then mention to your boss that you helped her out on a saturday =goodwill+cash+youknow

Quick descrip of her relation to me. I work on a small team. The office is comprised of Secretarys and FA’s. I am the only person in the entire office serving in an analystical capacity. I find myself helping people (excel, bberg, word, ppoint, outlook, proprietary reporting etc…) about twice a day, all of it goodwill. She has no direct relation to me besides the fact that her office is next to mine. She approached me and said she would pay me $100 (4 weeks ago) and now she is asking me to state my hourly rate. So I am assuming $100 as my floor (25/hr) and a limit of probably 160. Honestly I do not think I am worth 25/hr in MS Suite, however, perhaps my base level of implied knowledge is set too high considering my generational starting point.

Is she hot?

packattack4 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Is she hot? 45 y/o lesbian. Super nice though.

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Maybe she likes Asians and wants to participate in another r*** drill if you invite her, now 2 vs 1. Maybe even she has a strap-on in her desk, lol. No harm to ask I say.

some points… I don’t think a 4 hr lesson in MS Suite will be constructive- I’ve never found any general ‘course’ be even 10% as effective as ad-hoc lessons on tasks you are actually doing. How do you know what she needs to know? …and if she need lessons she doesn’t know what would be helpful for her. So unless she’s got a list of tasks that you clearly understand it kinda tricky. paid or not- first off- I’m pretty sure you don’t work for a sm family firm- rather a policy riddled public firm right? I would be careful if you could even do so without having it cleared by someone. secondly- charging for this is douchy… yeah its the weekend- but I already said you’d be better off giving here a 15min a day ‘lesson’ when she needs it instead. I like the give me beer idea… similar to painting parties- clearly my friend won’t charge help me paint my livingroom- but it an assumed fact that there will be pizza and beer there for free. thirdly- relation… I’d be more inclined to say OK to the weekend fee based class if it were some random person from 3 floors down who heard from someone that you had MSO skilz as opposed to someone you are working next to everyday. She may have some knowledge that you may need someday- contacts, recommendations, etc… those will be worth more than a few cases of beer. All in all I’d go to my MNGR and say I’ve noticed that I have some technical skilz that might be valuable for others and would like to offer a weekly info session… or something like that. If its such a small office and you are really as helpful as you say you are make it something that makes you look proactive and like you care about the TEAM. Not in a BSD sort of way though… just throw it out there as an observation.