New 2019 G Class coming. End of an era?

The current G Class was designed in 1997. They just kept updating it by putting in more and more powerful AMG engines…

Mercedes-Benz G500.jpg

Finally, Arab billionaires, Arnold and Beverly Hills trophy wives will be able to upgrade their vehicles to a real modern model.

Love that SUV.

ugly af

sorry guys

Other than the screen, the interior looks a lot like the old one, although I’m sure they must have improved the build quality. They kept the passenger side handlebar; I’m not sure why it needs a carbon fiber trim though… Only the handle bar has carbon fiber, nowhere else…

im about to buy one with all this crypto cash I got!! yeah boyz!!

The area around the COMAND controller and cup holder cover looks like carbon fiber.

Door trim too from some other pics.

The G class is and always has been one of the sickest Benz models. Always, simple, clean, and classy.

The G Wagon and Chevy Astro van have been the two modern timepieces of our generation in automobiles, our era, what we have to remember, but most importantly, what we will never forget.

Image result for chevy astro van

Apparently they are getting rid of the solid front axle and splitting the lines between military and consumer models, which they haven’t done in the past. Similar to the Hummer H1 vs. H2 models, though I’d expect this to be a much better vehicle than the POS that was the H2.

I have test driven that thing…That thing is such a poser car it is not even funny…Its windows are straight as opposed to curved so its like sitting in a room with mirrors on all sides. You look to your left to change lanes and see a car that is on the right being reflected from the window…Also, it is very tight inside. Luggage space? Forget about it…Wasn’t for me…

I also test drove a Range Rover which is very very nice but its reliability really concerned me…Plus I wasn’t so fond of driving an Indian car so it was either a Yukon or a Land Cruiser.

I know a lady who bought one and traded it back in within a week for an S-class. Didn’t care for the ride. I’ve taken a g55 up to some pretty high speeds, didn’t bother me, one of my fav SUVs by far.

Yeah to each his own. If I lived in some suburbs with a 3 car garage there might be a 1% chance of getting one just for the sake of poser effect (it’s actually cool to look at). But I live in nyc and need one car for family road trips - we clock well under 10k miles a year.

Speaking of nyc, anyone living in Westchester county? I am looking really hard at the place - 3 car garage, 1 acre lot, 6000 sq ft house etc…

^jeebus. balllinn

So you guys love Kia Soul too? lolz

I mean, it is inside the range of your interests.

fack no. fack no. i had to ride a kia soul when i was travelling on business right out of college. fucking hated that hamster ride.

the fs review on honda fit.

not really lol…commute will be 60 min each way. If i were balling, I’d be looking at a 4 bedroom, 3100 sqft unit in my current building that is on the market for 17.5m…

G Class is like the luxury vehicle for wealthy hipsters. They just make things harder on themselves and unnecessarily complicated because they think it’s “ironic”. It’s still a “cool” car to own, because it implies that you are so wealthy that you can spend over $100k on such a frivolous vehicle (and you must have other expensive vehicles too, since this one is not suitable as a daily driver).

1 acre lot in Westchester is hacksaw. You need to upgrade to 2-3 acres. The lots are parceled like that apparently, because people used to have horses. You wouldn’t want your kids to grow up with less than 2-3 acres.

yeah well what can i say…i am hacksaw but i’ll take 1 acre…that is half a soccer field which is good enough for me. The more North I go in the county the bigger the land. Say in Purchase, 2-4 acre of land with 6000 sq ft is more the norm compared to say scarsdale.

well my kid should be fine with 1 acre he ain’t gonna be no track star haha.