New AF Board Member: Nominations Open to Saturday 19 Oct 2013

AnalystForum is now taking nominations for at least one and possibly two additional board members. Nominations will be open until Saturday 19 Oct 2013, 11:59PM Eastern Daylight Time

To be considered you need to:

    1. be nominated, and 2) accept nomination, OR
    1. nominate yourself, and 2) have another AF member second your nomination.

Nominees must have at least 500 AF points as of Monday, October 14th, to be eligible for the board.

Depending on the number and quality of the nomination pool, we may or may not take a survey to choose among them.

The current board (basically Chad and bchad) reserves the right to reject a nominee, but will endeavor to do so only if past experience on AF suggests that teh member cannot or will not live up to expectations of a board member (listed below).

If a nominee seems exceptionally appropriate, the board reserves the right simply to appoint them, and ask the community to ratify (i.e. ask if there are any serious objections).

The process is not designed to be fully democratic. It is designed to create a rough consensus on a small group of members that both the site owner and most AF members are comfortable with investing policy and moderating powers in order to promote a healthy AF experience and community.


The AF board was created to:

  1. Serve as a two-way feedback mechanism between the site owner and the AF community.
  2. Develop policies so that moderating powers (edits, post and thread deletes, member expulsions, etc.) are not applied arbitrarily.
  3. Moderate, or supervise moderators if-any, in line with established or developed policies.
  4. Communicate and explain site policies, as necessary.
  5. Advise or suggest ways to improve the site or community, bearing in mind costs and benefits.
  6. Help on miscellaneous issues (prize awards, etc.) as identified by the site owner or other board members.


AF Board Members are Expected to:

  1. advise the site owner on policies and procedures, reflecting on an appropriate balance between professionalism, the interests of the users, and the needs for the forum to fund itself.
  2. set policies and standards for moderating and monitoring/supervising moderators, should additional non-board moderators be required
  3. offer ad-hoc opinions and guidance to the site owner as requested or required
  4. discuss and recommend action for cases of serious abuse of or by AF members (bannings, etc.)
  5. communicate these decisions and policies to members, as appropriate or necessary
  6. have a responsibility to use board member powers and privileges to act in the interest of the owner and user community.
  7. disclose conflicts of interest to the board and/or AF members where such conflicts of interest would be relevant and material in the execution of board responsibilities.
  8. avoid antagonizing AF members except as needed to enforce forum standards, policies, and decorum. This expectation does not prohibit board members from having opinions (even strong ones) or from verbal self-defense if similarly antagonized by another AF member.
  9. conduct themselves in a professional manner that reflects positively (on balance) on the AF community.
  10. participate on the AF board regularly (vacations and leaves are acceptable, but long-term disappearances may result in expulsion and replacement)
  11. meet as a board at least quarterly to discuss issues with the forum and community.


Second ohai

ohai seems like a solid choice. However is inability to get frazzled leads me to believe he’s a bot, most likely created by Blake, in an attempt at an uber-long con to take control of AF.

We should spice things up by making an Indian the next board member.

I nominate vicky cool

^I know STL said that as a joke, but are there control mechanisms to ensure that Ohai is not the same person as Blake? Or Stormy? Or Chad himself? And if Ohai=Blake, would that really matter anyway? (since the two personalities seem to be different and somewhat self-contained)

And since Ohai is already nominated and seconded, I nominate Higgmond. He’s always active, seems to be pretty sharp, is never vulgar or offensive, not overly opinionated, and not too quick to cast judgment on others.

Haven’t we already discussed the fact that each and every character on this site is a figment of my imagination? Vote who ever you want but it’s really a vote towards which ever book / music i listened to that day.

I vote the sophisticated, soviet block inspired version of myself IvanDrago. He seems to be mia lately, perhaps ill start listening to some tchaikovsky.


I would second Higgmond as well

S2000Magician or Numi.

S2000, Numi, Higgmond, Ohai in no particular order.

I would recommend S2000 above anyone else, but I selfishly wont. He serves a unique purpose on this forum that I do not want to see the board responsibilities take away from. In the forum for each level, S2000 is the guy to answer the questions no one else can or wants to answer and you don’t even second guess whether he’s right. Honestly, I don’t think his abilities would be utilized best as a board member… he should instead be an honorary member for all the work he does.

I vote Higgmond, Numi, Ohai… in that particular order.

Vote 4 IEV!

I like how whatsyourgovt’s name is now just “supyogov” for all intents and purposes.

But I also agree with putting Higgs on the ballot.

You should read Ender’s Game.

And, thanks kr, but absolutely not. I’d also like to strongly discourage Higgs from doing it. I don’t like the idea of losing one of our best members to the mod squad.

Edit: Also, let’s not confuse being a helpful member with being a good candidate for moderator. Two very different things.

Reminds me. .When I just started posting I kept reading his “Whatsyourgovt” as “Whatsyogurtfor”


Sometimes having less known moderators is better, at least in my experience as a former forum moderator. I used to just like seeing how’d they respond to the Blake type posters. That always seemed to be a great litmus test.

And I’d also say S200 hands down. but I also don’t want him to not be helping all the CFA forums, as I’m sure he single handedly drives up forum traffic with quality replies.

I agree. But in Higg’s case, I think he’d be good at both. Ditto Ohai and Numi.

There are a lot of posters who I like and think they add value to AF, but I wouldn’t want them as boardmembers or moderators.

First, my great grandfather’s first name is changed, now, two generations later i am faced with the same discrimination from my fellow “analyst”.

The name whatsyourgovt has deep rooted significance to me. It’s what you ask a stripper to know her first real, hence, governement, recorded name.

I appreciate all the support, but I’m not interested. I’m really just an idiot who found a nice village a few years ago and decided to stay. I would also cast my vote for S2000Magician (and numi if he’s back full time).

Special note to whatsyourgovt - please imagine me thinner and with more hair from now on, thanks.