New Bloomberg Website

For us lesser mortals that don’t have our own terminal at our desks: What the hell was Bloomberg thinking with this new layout. It is the most awful news site I have seen. Unreadable!

ya i hate it

Damn, I visit it almost everday and hadn’t seen this yet. When will websites learn to stop messing with what works?

I guess this brands the site closer to the magazine…

I think it is “tablet optimized” or something now. Don’t they realize that Windows 8 sucks?

Its rare to see a layout go from one of the best on the web to one of the worst overnight. I really liked the old design. Maybe I need to get into the business of financial news. A clean simple site, no BS. Designed for the practitioner.

Remember Digg?

The site is a flaming turd bag. I’m having trouble navigating it already

Agree I thought I typed in the wrong site. It looks awful.

The continuous article flow you get when you click a single article is pretty annoying. It’s constantly loading new content below when all I wanted to read was a single article.

Android users: Don’t Update to the new version. the new app is a continuation of the turdgarbage website.

So completely ugly.

Hopefully with enough folks complaining and page views down, they’ll fix this mistake.

haven’t been to that site in a while, just looked, absolutely hideous. random boxes of crap everywhere, a giant mess of slop thrown together and red/white/blue colors? EYESORE.

Wow its even worse on mobile.

I should get used to the new design by Christmas, at which time they’ll change it again.

For some reason BloombergView still looks good, but it takes two clicks to get there from the home page.

So happy this thread exists. What a horrible job they did.

Sincerely hope they don’t this to their terminals. One of the reason why their terminal is so popular when Reuters also provides the same info (albeit with a small lag) is that the way information is presented is simple without any fluffy graphics.

The functionality when you click through to the markets section is much improved. But the layout needs work and the horrible headache-inducing blue font just has to go!

I really like the old black and orange design they had in 2008-2010 when it was just links to their articles. Now it’s all colorful and pretty, just makes me dizzy