New research: Men who marry chubby women are happier and live longer

Duh. Thicc or gtfo.

when ur fatter u gotta be nicer.

jk but on the real.

  1. i feel that if you are willing to accept someone thicker you are probably happier in general

  2. the girl will be less of an ahole as she has fewer options

whats the key to keeping your wife in shape after marriage and not letting her explode


I thought this was all well documented.

By staying in shape yourself, and banging her often. Only one exception that I know of…


I don’t have the time or inclination to deep dive into the research on this one but…

"A book called “How Men Age” argues that tubby men are less likely to suffer a heart attack or prostate cancer and are more likely to invest their time in their children.

Author Richard G. Bribiescas says their increased fat levels also make them more attractive to women — which will help with the above tips."


Yeah that last one is wacky

I ignore all the West’s pseudo-science (propaganda). Yawn @ more “you should marry a fat feminist because…”.

Here is how every media propaganda “science piece” goes…

_ "According to the DailyTimes, the study showed _…". Oh, so you didn’t read the source, you are quoting a different media propagandist. Sort of like “sources say that”.

_ “Published in the Argentinian newspaper Nuevo Diario…” _ Oh, so you are quoting the DailyTimes, who are quoting an Argentinian newspaper, who are quoting…

_ “…the research was conducted by Dr. Filemon Alvarado and Dr. Edgardo Morales at UNAM’s department of psychology, the DailyTimes reports.”. _ Some psychologists!!! LOL at fake science. And they don’t even know if those two are the original source, they just state that the DailyTimes says they were the source.

Debunked, next.

pa is better than snopes

From the actual study:

The results of the thesis “is worth more than over and do not miss” , that chubby women have higher rates of reproduction . According to the arguments, in the latest statistics, obese women tend to have more children , since pregnancy does not cause any problems, because they are accustomed to carry a lot of weight , so a baby does not make a difference.

In addition, they have better survival skills . Because in recent years women no longer want to cook, gorditas prefer to do so to meet their needs and those of their partner . In this sense, they do everything possible to get food, which makes them more adaptable when it comes to solving problems.

For this reason, it is very important to have a chubby girlfriend , because that way you will be much happier. The extra kilos do not mean fat, but love and tenderness , affection and understanding.

^ Right on time with the fat-acceptance. You’re a walking liberal cliche “dude” (gender is fluid per your cult).

Asian women do all that and more, while being thin. Opportunity cost of a Western fatty, is no Asian hottie. :bulb:

Learn to read, you moron. As I said in the first line of that post, that’s from the study.

Ah yes, the liberal trick of “I was just repeating what so and so propaganda said, not saying that myself”. CNN does that a lot. Again, more data points that you are a walking cliche.

Are you simple, PA? Are you dense? That’s a literal translation from the study that the article was referring to, translated from Spanish. Furthermore I posted it because it’s ridiculous. Try not being a douche for one day.

Speaking of which, you guys remember SK2000 or whatever his name was?

This is like that, all over again. You just wander from one checkmate to another, it’s not even fun.

Except drive like a reasonable person. The absolute worst, I tell ya.


Speaking of which all your posts can be summed up either as 1. you’re a libtard (or) 2. the west sucks, asia is great (or) 3. anything standardized system of knowledge, especially the cfa, sucks (or) 4. just an insult

You don’t provide anything substantive, its just those things over and over. Its crazy how you take my posting the words from the study to infer that I’m a lib for doing so. Consider upping your game by commenting on the contents of the study, rather than just disregarding them all together.

I supposed I’d be lashing out at everyone too if I was short the S&P 500 for the last 8 years.