New Yahoo! CEO from Google

Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) said Marissa Mayer will become chief executive officer, appointing a vice president from competitor Google Inc. (GOOG) to stem user defections and market-share losses that have fueled three straight years of revenue declines at the biggest U.S. Web portal.

Shares of Yahoo rose in extended trading after the announcement.

I bet Yahoo did a due diligence on her college degree this time around…

She is famous for building the ad business at Google. I think she is a good choice, that is, provided that the sinking ship can be saved at all.

I don’t think she actually built the business…but is supposed to be more famous outside the company than actually influential inside it…

^ I’d like to bend her over the other way on that red exercise ball.

But anyway any bets on how long she lasts before the next CEO? Does anybody think that Yahoo is even relevant anymore?

She is a looker,

Wendy you must be irate at the fact that an “attractive white woman with a good haircut” was named CEO. Those were your exact words when that average looking Investment Analyst named Derocher or something similar was on TV. She’s only 37 as well so her father must have got her the job.

Are you mad?

She was something like employee #20 at Google, so I’d say she knows what she’s doing. She usually led the most important division at Google throughout her career there. i.e. VP of Search in the beginning, then mobile, etc.

Uh no, that doesn’t mean she knows what she’s doing. If she’s so “important” why didn’t she get promoted last year?

Now her main asset is that she might be able to attract top talent to Yahoo. Otherwise, I’m skeptical.

I think she’s pretty hot.

VP of Search at Google is not important? What do people have to do to impress you?

I repeat, if she’s so important, why didn’t she get promoted last year to SVP? She was moved off to a new division “local and maps” and Alan Eustace was tapped to lead the division. True, she is a celebrity, and the media has trumpeted Mayer as being the one who “built” Google’s search advertising business when these core functions have always been handled by Larry and Sergey.

I think you are choosing a very arbitrary and unreasonable standard for people… Plus, higher corporate rank does not mean that a person is suitable to run a different business like Yahoo. Plus, you are confusing “important to Google” with “being suitable to work at Yahoo”. Clearly, Google has a very deep executive team. Even if you don’t lure out Larry or Sergei, you can still get a pretty good person out of Google.

Turns out she’s also pregnant, due in october or something

So, she started early at Google, led many departments, rose to VP, but is not important because last year in one instance she wasn’t promoted to SVP? I think you’re missing the forest for all the trees here.

Google has many many people like that, as ohai pointed out, an extremely deep management team and she is short on experience in top level management (Search is headed by someone else), and the departments she headed were really under the tight control of S&L. What sets her apart from the others at Google who were more influential?

I refer you to exihibit A, also known as post #4 on this thread.

I respect this line of reasoning.

However, Google used to have this:

Don’t get me wrong though, she may do really well, and she has been saying all the right things. I’m all for an HCB CEO who makes Yahoo good again.


Marissa Mayer > That Cave Troll You Just Posted

Your argument is invalid.

doesn’t even seem that close