New York BBQ

What are the best BBQ joints in NY?

Best BBQ in Texas will be at 3201 N. Pecos street in Midland tomorrow, cuz Greenie fired up the egg to celebrate the end of tax season.

There was a street fair sunday in the UWS that had a huge line for a cart selling BBQ that looked amazing, really wishing I waited in it now.

What you making greenman?

Brisket and pork spareribs. Personally I like back ribs better, but the grocer didn’t have any available.

If only I were in Midland. As I was googling where this is, I realized it’s only a few miles from the Hampton Inn where once a upon $100/oil I (aka my company) paid nealy $300/nt for a room here. A room currently going for as low as $89 for a stay in 2 weeks.

I loved it though. $279/nt at a crappy Hampton Inn, but I had Hilton diamond status at the time. I earned a ridiculous amount of points for that stay.

I don’t know if NY barbecue is comparable to that of certain other places in the US. However, I liked Hill Country Barbecue; they sell by the pound, so it seems legit. Of course, this place is modeled after some place in Texas, hence my earlier comment.

It isn’t. Full stop. Still isn’t. Unless you’re comparing against that vinegary NC shit. That crap is BBQ in the same way KFC is fried chicken

You said full stop instead of period. Interesting. Is that a Canadian thing?

I hate the vinegary sh!t. For years I thought I didn’t like pulled pork because the 1st time I tried it it was all vinegary and nasty.

Brisket is the best thing about this country.

If you’re in NYC and want to get the best BBQ, go the LaGuardia and buy a ticket to KC.

^There is also this:

I see a Jimmy’s BBQ on 8th and 31st. Never been there, but they do make it look authentic.

There is also Dinosaur BBQ up here in Harlem. I used to go years ago and I liked it. It gets good ratings around here.

I wouldn’t pretend to know if or how it measures up to the various BBQs down south, but it’s certainly one of the best up here.

Then again, I don’t mind the Dallas BBQ chain here either. Maybe it’s the giant margaritas.

Salt lick in central Texas ships, I think.

auntie mae’s

^Mmmmm…barbecue that has been vacuum sealed and shipped across the country. Tasty.

Sounds about as good as a Junior’s Cheesecake or some Jewish bagels shipped from NYC to Texas.

In other news, how do we post pictures to this thing so I can show you guys today’s creation?

^what are u drinking while bbqing?

btw do most ppl know the difference between BBQ and Grilling?

Please do post would love to see,

We ship that to clients occasionally. It travels well, I hear.

@igor - That’s a pet peeve of just about every Kansas Citian (and I imagine Texan). Hate it when people say they’re “BBQing” when they really mean grilling, and generally they’re grilling hamburgers.

I loved going to Salt Lick and County Line when I was living in Austin.