New York!

Got two interviews in New York! Obviously excited for that but it’s also my first time so I want to explore too.

I booked my flights so I have approx one day to myself.

Top ten things to do/eat/see?

NB: must be places/things/times where a single female would feel safe to be alone. I don’t carry guns and my arms are puny and I’m not a sprinter.

Unfortunately, most of my favorite activities in New York are only suitable for gun carrying women with fat arms. However, I also like the museum with all the dinosaurs on the top floor. Also, go see a Broadway show if you have never done this before. Finally, go eat some NY food like halal cart or Shake Shack.

Most places in Manhattan are very safe nowadays, and many people walk around even in the middle of the night. Maybe stay below 80th St or so, as it gets a bit more sketchy as you go further north. I’m not sure what tourists would be doing up there anyway.

I just about spit out my coffee on that one. Watch out, ohai’s been on a roll lately!

Also, please don’t eat halal cart. Please?

There’s an endless amount of stuff to do, just ask at the hotel front desk for some brochures and go do whatever seems most exciting to you.

genuinely lol’d at that 1st sentence.

If you’re going to go halal cart, go 53rd and 6th. Stumbled upon it and couldn’t resist the natural temptation to queue.

What goes on above 80th st?? I’m staying with my cousin who lives near Columba (he says). Looking at the map that looks well above 80th st…

I’m sure it’s safe. I did get mugged in Paris (I was being dumb though) so I’m a little wary…

Stupid ideas to go to Shake Shack or halal cart, if you have one day in NY you dont want to spend it waiting in long lines for generic food. If you like to people watch, the best places are:

-sheep meadow in central park- girls in bikinis

-meatpacking district- models in tight dresses

-outdoor terrace at blue water grill in union square- NYU girls

-park avenue in midtown- my office

just go visit cfavsmba in harlem you will not regret it


Port Authority has perhaps the city’s best sushi. Spend the whole day at Port Authority, as it also has the best fashion and jewelry shopping in the city also.

just kidding.


Is that part of the do, eat, or see?

Here check these out :slight_smile:


You can’t go wrong little cubby. Make sure you get HopStop on your smartphone so you can take the subway around. Cabs are expensive and take forever to get anywhere.

It’s fine above 80th street. The Columbia area is safe too.

CityMapper is my choice instead of HopStop.

Top thing to do in NY?


Thanks for all the inputs. My cousin tells me it’s restaurant week in NY now, so we are going to be pigs for three days. I am looking forward to that!

I don’t think Yankees have a home game while I’m there. Too bad, I didn’t get to see Tanaka when the Yankees last played Seattle. No I don’t really follow baseball just the Japanese players ha.

I hope I won’t have to be suited up the whole time, as I really want to bike explore. How’s the bike share system? Better than France?

And I’ll get both of the apps, thanks for the tips :slight_smile: Really, it’s amazing how we all got around cities before smart phones.

I really haven’t explored the US despite being here for ten years, and haven’t been east of NM so I am really looking forward to this trip. I keep forgetting I’m going to interview.

so…like every other Japanese person? cheeky

My Japanese coworker moved from Tokyo to Seattle because she was that much of an Ichiro fan. Met her husband at Safeco field, and he was genuinely worried she’d move to New York after he was traded.

I’m not that bad. Now if Darvish played for the Yankees my bags would be packed already.