Next Week at This Time

I will be in the exam room crapping in my pants.

I will be an hr and a bit into it…close to freedom though!

I will be driving back home, hopefully without crushing before or during the drive.

I will be just beginning the afternoon session, trying to forget about how I did on the AM portion and hoping I still can make up for it on thee afternoon’s multiple guess.

I’ll be wanting to punch a proctor right in the face after he checks my calculator for the 4th time in the first 20 minutes.

Holy sh-t, that is hilarious! The calculator checks and the over-the-shoulder action are really annoying.

12:36pm, I will be eating lunch.

I’ll be dropping so many F bombs the proctors will think I have Tourette syndrome. I’ll unload on them if they stare over my shoulder more than once!

I will be cranking my ipod at McCormick

…I’ll be celebrating freedom from CFA…for a few months at least!! 9pm my time now :slight_smile:

I will be well into my second or third beer by now :slight_smile:

It’s 6:25 pm over here. Perhaps I am underestimating the beers I will have by then, although it takes a long time to get out of the testing centre and get to a pub that isn’t too crowded.

I will go to my car and study butterfly spreads

Leila30 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > …I’ll be celebrating freedom from CFA…for a > few months at least!! 9pm my time now :slight_smile: Sweet, I am going to need you to call me at lunch, and give me a heads up on the afternoon section. J/k : )

  • some poor sucker will be getting married - English soccer fans will feel like s***, especially if they’re writing CFA, double whammy - The Pens will have drawn the Wings to a Game 7 (maybe a bit wishful) - Oill will still cost more $120 - And yes, Hillary! will still be running for President

anyone else pissed that we only get 30 minutes of lunch. until we leave the examination room it’s 12:35 (because we never start on time, always south of 9:15), and they ask us to show up 1 hour before the next session.

if your in small test center like moi its much easier and less strict too. Last year people didn’t show for afternoon till like 20 mins before, and in the morning a guy walked in 20 mins late with a coffee and they let him write lol. glad they did, could have helped the curve. in the afternoon a few more people become emboldened and brought drinks! If I was in NYC or Chitown or one of the big centres and had a car, I’d honestley consider going to outside the city to a smaller centre. It’s so much easier on the head than being herded like cattle all day. Montreal and Hali were like night and day.

did you write it last year at Bonaventure station in Montreal?

No. Actually I wrote L1 in Dec 06 at some CEGP school in the northern part of the city. It was called College Andre Grasset if memory serves.

I was there also. That’s when the electricity went out and they made us write it the next day.