NFL Playoffs

Best two weekends of the year ahead, yeah baby! … Only thing missing will be seeing the annual Jerry Jones’ face deforming in anger in the 4th Qtr while his Cowboys lose again.

Wildcard weekend picks:

Bengals over Texans (like this Dalton guy)

Steelers over Broncos (Steelers linebackers take Tebow’s teeth as a souvenir. It’s still funny, Swan)

Falcons over Giants (grandpa Coughlin is losing his touch)

Lions over Saints (probably not, but this my upset alert of the week)

Bengals > Texans (A better balanced team now that Texans have lost 2 QB’s) Steelers > Broncos (Miller’s injury really hurts their pass rush) Giants > Falcons (Falcons secondary should get torched by an epic Eli Manning performance) Lions > Saints (I think Drew Brees is overrated and Stafford underrated)

Steelers > Broncos Giants > Falcons Obviously my opinion is biased.

I agree Steelers are the favorite, but would love nothing more than a Broncos win to silence all the Steeler’s fans around here.

Texans Steelers Falcons Saints

Stillers (Polamalu is going to show Tebow what a legit NFL defense can do) Saints (my early pick for this year’s SB champs) G-men (least confident about this pick, but I like the way Eli has been playing) Bengals (If only the Texans weren’t relying on their 3rd string QB)

Texans > Cincy Steelers > Denver (Fingers crossed that Tebow dies on field due to lightning strike) Giants > Falcons (Falcons will disappoint, again) Lions > Saints (Brees is hot but I despise the swamp people of New Orleans)

Bengals > Texans (can’t win in the playoffs with 3rd string QB, sorry) Steelers > Broncos (Tebow is a 3rd string QB, see above) Falcons > Giants (I’m a Big Blue guy, but they’re just not very good) Saints > Lions (I’d love to see the Lions pull it off, but I think they’ll make too many stupid mistakes)

Texans > Bengals (Bengals backed their way into the playoffs) Steelers > Broncos (Scored 3 against the Chiefs?? Really?? What do you think the Steelers’ D will do to them?) Giants > Falcons (Giants are too hot) Saints > Lions (Drew Brees would have been lock for MVP in any other season)

Yes, Pats! I’m looking forward to Brady giving Tebow a smack down.

Last night I could almost hear Black Swan laughing hard. Grand-grandpa LeBeau got tricked badly.

Patriots > Tebows (Tebow is gonna be Belichik’d this time) Ravens > Texans (A third-string QB can only take a team so far) Giants > Packers (suddenly the Giants can run again) Saints > 49ers (How’s Candlestick still in use btw?) A couple of oversized steaks will be grilled and bottles will be popped this weekend. I would invite many of you, even Chad and David.

Pats>Baby Jesus’s (closer than your momma thinks though) Ravens>Texans - close too - maybe Ravens 3 or 10 - not sure what the under is here but I’d probably take it Packers>>Giants - 2 td’s min - Giants go back to being the Giants - not close Saints>9’ers - close as well late in the game, but Saints go up eventually by 17 a-la Detroit and it doesn’t look that close

I can’t do much worse than I did in the wild card round, so here you go: Patriots > Broncos (come on now, can anyone really pick the Broncos?) Ravens > Texans (one time is a charm for a 3rd string QB) Packers > Giants (I hope I’m wrong, but I still can’t buy into Big Blue and I’m a fan) 49’ers > Saints (just my gut on this one)

Broncos > Patriots (I’m on the bandwagon) Ravens > Texans (Ravens should make Superbowl) Packer > Giants Niners > Saints (SF is pretty underrated as a team IMHO)

Pats > Broncos (It’ll start close but I think the Pats offense is too explosive) Ravens > Texans (Third-string QB won’t cut it) Packers > Giants (Giants will keep it close, like I said last week, they are real hot) Saints > 49ers (Saints offense will score too much for the 49ers to keep up with)

Do people realize T.J. Yates is a rookie? He’s only third string because the Texans had Schaub and Leinart in place, but he arguably could have been starting in certain situations on different teams without injuries to the top guys. I still don’t think they’ll beat the Ravens, but it’s worth noting. Pats > Broncos Ravens > Texans Giants > Packers 49ers > Saints

Rookie QB’s don’t exactly light it up in the playoffs either. Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez are the only rookie QBs ever to win 2 playoff games.

Just bought the NFL game pass for 50 bucks. Looks like Im gonna be waking up real early in India the next few weekends on monday.

Weren’t you taking up the position in Russia or is that a few mos away?