NFL Playoffs

The Indy-KC game was insane. I remember where I was when Frank Reich mounted that spectacular comeback back in 1993. The Andrew Luck comeback is today’s generation’s Frank Reich moment.

I’m interested to see how the 49ers do playing in the frigid wasteland that is Green Bay today.

And how does Aaron Rodgers respond about the gay rumors earlier this week. He came out publicly stating he likes women and isn’t gay. That is certainly a distraction.

Maybe Rodgers has something going on with Chris Kluwe.

I was convinced he was going to sex up Clay Matthews!

Rodgers is ice cold. Nothing bothers him. His throw last week for the game winning touchdown was a throw only he could make.

On a side note- same old Bungals.

When you’re a big time QB, you have to be either married or dating HCBs. Even Chris Ponder is banging HCBs.

Aaron Rodgers should know better.

3 out of 4 road teams move on.

I’ve always stated home field advantage is a myth these days. People place too much importance on it in sports. Good/great teams make the playoffs and good/great teams can win anywhere.

The last 2 super bowl winners (Ravans and Giants) had to win out on the road. We’re seeing more and more 6th seeds play the entire playoffs on the road and win it all (2006 Steelers, 2008 Giants). GB was 13-0 in their history at home in the playoffs up to 2001. They are 3-5 since then at home in the playoffs. The Californian teams (Chargers and 49ers) were supposed to be at a disadvantage playing in freezing weather today.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still better to play at home than on the road but home field advantage is blown out of proportion.

^ agree 100%. The main reason in the nfl is that the league is so even compared to twenty years ago. 8-8 and 9-7 teams are not as far off from 12-4 teams as they used to be. There are no more dynasties either.

The patriots, who have won their division in 11 out of the past 13 years and been to five Super Bowls, might disagree with you.

Dynasties don’t go 16-0 then lose to the NFC East in the Superbowl.

Allow me to automatically respond to your retort that any team can win on any given sunday:

Dynasties don’t allow it to happen four years later (minus the 16-0 record, of course)

And do I have to remind everyone of “Spygate” which takes a lot of luster off the Belichick era?

(No disrespect to fans of the NFC East. We all know how bad it is and I just use it for emphasis in describing how asstastic the Pats were.)

*This post is biased as I despise the Patriots.

What’s your beef with the NFC east? They are the best division in NFL history. (NFC North is pretty good too.) granted, they suck right now, but right now the NFC south is good, and they’re historically terrible.

Home field advantage doest exist but only for certain teams. Plus an advantage doesn’t necessarily mean an automatic win.

Seattle and NO are the biggest examples of teams with significant home field advantage. GB is too but as last night’s game showed, it doesn’t always work.

Plus lets not forget, Kapernick has been shitting on GB’s defense for a couple of seasons now. Without Kapernick SF would not have won. Put any other QB in that game instead of Kap and GB would’ve won.

I have no beef with them, hense my disclaimer that i meant no disrespect. Just using them as an example to why the Pats aren’t a dynasty as the NFC East has been piss poor for the last 6 years or so and Tom Brady couldn’t beat the Giants in the Super Bowl not once but twice. (And in the first case, it is arguable that the NYG had absolutely no right to be in that game anyway, going 9-7 in the reg season and barely eeking out a Playoff spot… but who am I to judge. As a Diehard Steelers fan, the Black and Yellow has also rode the Wild Card Train to Superbowl Victory and I don’t deny it was a borderline miracle with Palmer tearing his ACL early in the Game vs. Cinci and the by-the-grace-of-god Bettis fumble recovery against Indy).

I bleed black and gold, but living in NJ I follow the Giants/Jets by default (and have Jets Season Tickets… they were cheaper than the Giants as you can well imagine).

Bottom line I just hate Tom Brady and find myself impulsively drawn to butt-in whenever someone puts them on a pedistal. :slight_smile:

I’m so pissed. I hate football.

Eagles game was awful, gotta love when there’s over two minutes left and you’ve already lost. No turnovers, but too many mistakes on offence. Defence was on the field the whole game…no wonder they couldn’t stop the Saints rush at the end of the game.

KC losing in epic Reid fashion was great to see. Sweep, welcome to Andy Reid football: win early in the season, lose in the playoffs due primarily to coaching errors (missed time outs, WTF play calling) and penalties (lack of discipline). Also, literally no ability to run a hurry up offense. I kind of pity you guys. Much like the Eagles in the early '00s you have tons of pro-bowlers, but you have the most frustrating coach in football.

There’s a lot of blame to go around but Reid is actually pretty far down the list. Sure, his clock management is horrible, but when you’re up by 28 points in the 3rd it shouldn’t be a factor. This one is on the defense. Horrible, horrible defense.

I can’t really blame the offense. Alex Smith put up one of the best post-season QB displays of all time and Bowe had 150 yards, but Smith’s intentional grounding call on the last drive and Bowe’s inability to get both feet in on the last play…just pisses me off so much.

This one is going to take a while to get over.

And, six major injuries including four pro bowlers? WTF is that about? I thought we were done when Charles went down on the first drive, but Reid and Smith did a masterful job…most of the game.

With a 28 point lead, all Reid had to do was keep the clock running. That’s it. With Charles out, sure this is harder, but you have to be able to adapt. Reid called eight total runs in the second half. For the record, this is vintage Andy: stubbornly follow a pass heavy offense despite all indications point to the favorability of a run heavy offense.

He also burned a time out on that 3rd and 7 with about 7:00 left to play and then burned another time out after converting it. He burned two time outs on one play, while KC was still up by 6. That’s hard to do. The defense did give up too many plays over the top (the one thing you can’t do) in the second half. But Reid f’d up royally as well, and if he 1) ran the ball more and 2) didn’t burn two timeouts needlessly then KC could have certainly won.

Maybe it’s only after you see this for 14 seasons that you start to see the pattern. I have lots of mental game tape on Reid at my disposal.

Keep in mind our second string running back fumbles constantly, then he got hurt in the fourth so we were down to a guy that’s never really played in a game. I wouldn’t be giving the ball to him either. That said, I agree the play calling seemed more like we were down by 28 points, not up.

Nevertheless, when your QB throws for 4 TDs and 0 INTs, you cause four turnovers, and score 44 total points…there’s really no one to blame but the defense. We could have played the second half with no timeouts and no running game and still won if the D would have stopped Luck a couple times, or even slowed him down.

Our free safeties Kendrick Lewis, Quinten Demps, and Dunta Robinson, all need to be replaced. Worst performance by a secondary I’ve ever seen.

FTR - I have absolutely zero sympathy for either of you guys.

At least Andy Reid never iced his own kicker.