NHL Playoffs prediction

Here are mine for the first round: West: Vancouver San Jose Anaheim Detroit East: Philly Washington Boston Pittsburgh your call?

My take: Vancouver: Just too good for Chicago L.A.: Defense will shut down the choking Sharks Nashville: Dux goaltending problems will be exposed. Phoenix: Bryz will stand on his head; I hate the wings East: Philly Washington Habs: Experience in winning the big one, even without Halak Bolts: Too much firepower for the Flower to stop.

LA is missing Kopitar, their biggest offensive weapon. That might hurt them. You might be right wrt Ducks and Preds. I just think Ducks’ top 6 will be too much for Weber and Suter. I also think Wings’ power will be too much for Bryz to handle. I hate the wings too! Bolts do have a shot with Crosby missing and a depleted Pens lineup.

Vancouver in 5 San Jose in 5 Anaheim in 7 Detroit in 6 Washington in 5 Buffalo in 7 Boston in 5 Pittsburgh in 7

^ Sabres have a decent shot over Flyers. Gawd I didn’t pick anybody from the Sabres in my pool.

Missing Kopi is going to be brutal for LA. But it appears as though they are going to get Williams back which will help. Sabres do have a shot vs Philly. A hot goaltender can save a series. And Miller can get hot.

unhealthy pronger and a healthy miller will favor the sabres.

WOWWW seems like the Bruins are coming away with perpetual choker tag, year after year. Congrats to the Habs! I’m also surprized at how little fight the 'Hawks are putting up. We’ll see.

Habs all the way!

I am shocked by the Bruins play. If they get it going at all I think the B’s still take the series since the Habs are just getting by as it is. I am also shocked by the Hawks and Sharks. Both seem to want to hit the links early. The Yotes are losing…but at least they look like they want to win.

Caps anyone?


I think the Sharks will also maintain their “choker” tags. I don’t think "nucks will get a decent fight this year and it may be THE YEAR for them. The only team I see putting up any amount of resistance are the Wings, but again, they’re injured especially with Zetts out. As much as it pains me to say this, I think the 'Nucks will go all the way this year. Bruins don’t have a chance now. @ wake: I would love to see Caps make it in from the Eastern conf.

Montreal-Boston have played 32 series in the playoffs and Montreal has won 24 of them.

The Sharks just had one real bad game against L.A. They spent so much time in the penalty box the first half of the game that they never established any rhythm whatsoever. I wouldn’t count them out just yet.

Yeah, but even if they get past Kopitar-less Kings, they will bump into the Wings in round 2. Sharks will have tough time. I hopr Kopi comes back for the Kings.

Yeah that’s no doubt they have a tough road ahead. But if they’re able to shut down Doughty in LA and Nemi can hold his own, then I think they have the fire power to make a run for it.

Absolutely! I do believe the Sharks have a great team. They just haven’t proven that in the playoffs yet. Doughty and Johnson are giving their top lines some tough time.

True true… I’m guessing you’re a Flames fan? Are you from Calgary?

Yup. Hopefully we can bounce back next season.