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Has any other person you know done this and seen something different? Where did this come from?

stop it now. this is BS.

Thanks… I was wondering…

Hopefully this is not intended to be a serious post.


I don’t know what to say to this new theory. angry

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Have you already tried it and what is your conclusion?

noway! I am not choosing Ghana… what if I choose Netherlands and Amsterdam instead of Ghana?

Rediculous if the “ability to change your test center is related to the ability to make a registragion which now it is possible for level one and two candidates.” Why than is the only exam date I see June 2015? Maybe the ability to change test centers is the secret to time travel…Maybe by changing test centers I can go back and retake the last exam… Come on now people If you are going to put this kind of stuff up let’s at least use logic.

Ghana-Accra does not exist as an option. Greenland on the other hand is.

hmm that makes me want Amsterdam even more

… Not only this link is broken, the whole website is not updated until they upload the results. A bit about coding websites: You can choose to update your website and leave menwhile the website for visitors as is, which is what they probably do, since all people currently see the same stuff.

Has somebody tried this with a different result?

No it does not make sense and if you keep this up you are going to have a stroke before you find out if you’ve passed or failed.

i cant believe i just wasted some precious minutes trying what you suggested.

but for your curiosity’s sake, i got a prelimanary pass, a short message and i was able to change my test center to Ghana.

gullible me frown

Well played