No One on Earth is Racist


I mean technically it’s not racist, he never mentioned race. Anti-immigration, nationalist and dumb, yes. I’m just glad they got the mob involved.

This guy is everywhere.

What’s Turd up to lately…

lol this is one of those who gives a shit news.

honestly if you live in america you should speak american. if you dont assimilate and embrace the culture then perhaps you should go back to your home country.

with that said, the guy is obviously just an asshole that needs to mind his own business. the guy is racist, hes making a ton of assumptions. you speak spanish, hence you dont speak english, so you must be an illegal, which means i have to call ICE. lol i would be more sympathetic to his cause if they spoke to him in spanish, but even then his assumptions are just retarded.

anyways i am fluent in filipino and spanish, so i wouldnt be mad if people knew how to speak foreign languages. it does piss me off when people dont know how to speak english so if that was the case i prolly just wouldnt go to the store cuz they have poor hiring practices.

nery for gov of california!!!

Yeah, but he also yelled at an English speaking white guy for being foreign. So I’d argue he’s clearly not racist but strangely really upset by people moving around the planet. Also, Spanish is not a race so again, would be nationalism.

whats also fun is this guy is pictured with a pro-trump jewish group and a guy with him is holding a trump campaign sign in hebrew… (((cognitive dissonance)))

hes just some suburban philly main-line rich jewish kid that thinks hes better than everyone. hes also on video being a general jerk off several times & and just acts like entitled whiny little baby.

lol all im saying is, he shoulda just been an immigration officer. that way he can say im not a racist. im just doing my job :slight_smile:

i imagine its kind of an easy job : you got papers? nah? aight gtfo


Publicity stunt. Diner probably paid him to do that.

Good take.

more likely he will write a woe is me book & go on fox news complaining about liberals being mean and the lack of “diversity of thought” in nyc.

That type of autism only happens when parents hand their kids jobs.

Sounds like the newest member of the Intellectual Dark Web.

Love the title change, hahaha

The funniest thing is that this guy has been randomly caught on video multiple times being racist. (4 videos in the link below)

FTFY. Not saying he’s not dumb, ignorant and rude, but there’s a difference. People misusing the word dilute it’s meaning.


People misusing the word . . . well . . . you know.

Apparently on the website for his law practice it says that they speak Spanish, French, and some other languages.

Can you spell irony?