No One on Earth is Racist

You get the point though. People borrow from a term inaccurately to fuel their agenda and ultimately it ceases to have meaning… or maybe you don’t.

I do, indeed, and agree completely.

I simply enjoyed the juxtaposition.

Fair enough. Listening to Kevin Gates gets me in fight mode.

You are correct in that in some of the videos he is being a nationalist. However, wouldn’t you say that in the other ones, he’s being a racist? Showing prejudice, discrimination and a belief of superiority against people of different race or ethnicity?

Did he reference race or ethnicity? Because if you can’t establish that as the primary motive (again, also videos of him railing against other people of his same ethnicity and white immigrants) then it’s not racism. When he talks about their language and not being citizens he’s clearly going down a nationalist train of thought. Which doesn’t make it necessarily better (see Germany: Nationalism) but lately people have been MAJORLY overusing it as a catchall for bad behavior. It’s just something to be cognizant of because it dilutes the meaning of something that really shouldn’t be diluted.

semantics aside - the guy is a real snowflake, so much so he was triggered by people not speaking english (although speaking a language he not only understands, but claims to speak fluently in a working capacity) and apparently has the detailed knowledge to know these people are here illegally. he also has been so generous as to be personally funding their stay. what a smug POS

Oh yeah, he sucks no question.

Sadly, you basically just rehashed the horrible McCleskey v. Kemp ruling, which I’d wager did far, far more damage than the overuse or dilution of the word ever has. Effectively if someone doesn’t come out and scream the N-word or one of its variants, they can hide behind the fact that they’re not racist regardless of the effects of their actions because there’s no intentional proof of discrimination.

It’s why every week people perform mental gymnastics to prove that Trump isn’t a racist because no has ever caught him saying something blatantly racist. Of course even when you do catch him saying something on tape, that ends up not mattering either. It’s fine, it’s fine.

Agree that people misuse the word any chance they get since it’s the “new trend” these days. I guess I was specifically referring to the video taken of him in 2016 where he bumped into a guy in the street and called him an “ugly fucking foreigner”.

get two phones - one for english and one for spanish

hey at least we all agree on this!

That guy was Caucasian.

This trend is still young. Give it time. But I disagree.

Well yes, turns out the guy is actually from Massachusetts, but that Aaron guy didn’t know that. So say if it was an Arabic dude who got yelled at instead and who is also white, that would count as racism?

Well we’re now venturing into hypotheticals but what I’m saying is it depends on motive for me. If he’s only yelling at people of other races and its the recurring theme I’ll say yes ok, I mean it’s not scientifically conclusive but I agree that’s racism by any practical sense. But when a guy is yelling at white guys from boston and then later an arabic guy both on the same topic, it’s clear that something other than race is the driver and he’s mostly just a terrible person and/or nationalist. I mean I didn’t expect this to be debated this far and am fine with whatever you decide was just making an observation.

its settled - onto the truly important things like the royal wedding


I’ll admit that’s funny. Love the creepy beanie and sunglasses.

I agree lol, just trying to kill some time. Anyway time to hit the books! and that video of him running away is priceless!

nice find