No One on Earth is Racist

Hilarious. Wonder how this clown’s business will be impacted.

Haha someone tweeted where he lives and his phone number. I’m a little sad that everyone is doing their part to ruin his life but I saw how he treated his cleaning staff, supposedly did the same speech and got physical with her.

No one should feel bad for this dude. He’s not going to jail or losing his life. Save your sympathy for someone who actually deserves it.

Yeah, I mean if he just lost his sh*t one day and was an ahole I’d say maybe it’s not right to hunt him down and wreck his life. But this guy has basically made a hobby out of this so while I personally don’t subscribe to the mob justice he definitely brought this down on himself.

I think he’s just a dick. For instance, this article shows him randomly yelling at a white guy from MA.

To be fair, 9 times out of 10, white guys from MA deserve to be yelled at. He just had bad luck.

+1 ive seen people crying out that this guy was “doxxed” but i dont believe people posting your name online after you berated innocent people for a stupid reason in mid day in midtown manhattan fits that mold. You lose your right to privacy when you act like a moron in public, and this is a trend so he cant use the “oh i was just having a bad day excuse”

his office landlord kicked him out - guess he was using some wework type co-office stuff. hardly the BSD he claims to be

direct quote from him i watched in a video:

“you’re fat and ugly. thats losing, thats losing. do i look like im losing to you? im winning at life, you’re losing. im smart”

lmao “im smart” - albert einstein

His career is ruined now. Most reviewed lawyer on yelp 1/5 stars with 4000 reviews, getting sued to get disbarred or suspended by congressmen and got kicked out from his work space in midtown. People apparently dug up old instances of him yelling at people so this was definitely not the first time he did this.

see thats sad. wasted talent.

Meh, he’ll change his name and move.

I mean, technically he did get doxxed in a way. I guess my point was that I don’t care, he did what he did and I don’t feel pity for him specifically but there are a holes everywhere and I’m still not a fan of regulating behavior outside hte legal system via mob. Even if he was a dick this just isn’t the way we want to handle things. It just opens up a major can of worms.

So TL;DR I don’t feel bad for him but the thing that makes me very uncomfortable is unlike a legal system with procedures and balances this sort of witch hunt has a habit of ending poorly for society because the only certainty is that people will always take things too far.

You guys know that he’s just an NPC with aggression level set to 10, right? Since the world is just a simulation anyway. Also, pretty sure Turd is the player character, and that’s why he is aware of the plot. Everyone here is just programmed to make AF as a side quest, like the Chocobo farm in FF7.

You could argue movements within the legal system are based on mob mentality. War on drugs/terror being two horrible examples that have unfairly ruined or taken the lives of millions. The fear mongering was cooked up by politicians and the media to the point that public opinion was inexorably swayed in that direction and procedures were put into place that were laughably _un_balanced. The legal system doesn’t function as intended for everyone.

The free market decided it won’t accept this dude’s behavior and he has some bad Yelp reviews. Fair, next.

chat sh!t get banged

mob mentality is fun though! you can do a lot of terrible things with very little guilt cuz the blame is spread out! IF you dont do it, someone else will, so you are just expediting the inevitable and probably making it easier for the victim!

but i agree with bs, there are many assholes like him, so its a bit arbitrary to single him out just cuz its caught on camera. i also dont recommend creating a law that bans douchebag behavior, national laws imo are a terrible way to judge it! should be done on a case by case basis!

You can’t possibly be that silly.

*Points to several editorialized instances of perceived legal mob behavior showcasing mob justice is bad. Uses it to justify expanding unregulated mob justice. Cites free market, is socialist, ignores irony.*

The last part was an obvious joke for my libertarian brothers in arms.

I just don’t see the can of worms. Some people can’t rely on the legal system because it’s largely unbalanced. The state will always win that war in the end though, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Talks about calling ICE -> Jumps to conclusion that if you speak Spanish = illegal.

Talks about “these people” being on welfare -> pejoratively classifies a group of people.

Talks about “I’m probably paying for it” -> argues for a case of being superior

Textbook racism…

Lol, typical reading comprehension fail. Spanish is a language associated with nationalities, not races. Mexican is not a race as Mexico primarily consists of several races (i.e. Mestizo vs European ancestry). Again, pejoratively classifying people in a way that could refer to nationality. Also refers to citizenship differences. = Textbook nationalism (Nationality based superiority).

I mean this is borderline ignorance as to what constitutes a race and what nationalism is. Case in point: similar attack on a Massachusetts based white guy and the fact that he attacked people for speaking Spanish as opposed to looking like a race (which is a key difference).