Not so subtle brag thread v. Accomplished my second goal of 2014

I set out this year to finish the CFA program and finish my first marathon. As of yesterday, the marathon goal was officially accomplished. Did not hit my goal time, I had stomach issues and ended up having diarrhea on the course :cool: But I pushed through and still crossed the finish line. Lots of room for improvement doe.

Also, I would rather run a marathon every weekend for the rest of my life than be forced to endure one more year of CFA exams

#thuglife #BSD #crapshorts

I’m curious as to the logistics of this. Did you find a potty on the way? Or did you leave a trail behind you?

i did a running wipe with my throw-away gloves

jk, hit a potty at mile 10-11 just as some dude died. I could hear them giving the poor fella CPR while I pooped my brains out next door. I do not believe they were successful


Anyway, congratulations on your marathon and on completing the CFA program.

Don’t joke about “running wipe”. Some people actually do that. Also, far more commonly, people pee while running. I am proud to have never done either of these things… Running 1 minute faster is not worth the permanent loss of dignity…

Sounds like BChad watching a plane hit the Pentagon. Don’t know if it’s awesome or terrible.

I understand why ppl competing professionally would do this. For a recreational runner, no sense in pooping on yourself. (unless you’re into that kinda thing)

Yeah, but do you have 10-pack abs?

only on the internet

Well, I was talking to some triathlon guy about training the other time, and he starts talking about training to pee while on the bike. Apparently, some degree of focus is required to overcome this hurdle. First of all, I’ve fortunately never had to pee while on the bike and even if I did, I would probably pull over. Second, this is horrrible, right? Because if you pee on the bike, it probably flies backwards to the guy behind you. Also, I am rethinking how people go around at the beginning at admire the expensive bikes. It seems that the more expensive the bike, the more serious the owner is about biking, and thus, the more likely that it is covered with pee.

you know he is peeing in his wetsuit too. And that is the first event…so all day he is just covered in pee. Probably smells like Texas

I heard diapers are common… Another reason I’ll never run long distances

idk, crapping yourself is really just a problem with the elite runners…most of em train enough were it isn’t an issue. there are usually bathrooms every mile or so. If you’re a rec runner…you should be able to locate a potty to use. But then again, sometimes the storm comes on strong with little warning.

I always assumed you would clean your filthy colon before running a 26 miles…

what you run the marathon in fool?

+4hrs :frowning:

that blows.


i thought i did. Unfortunately stowaways still exist even in the age of advanced TSA techniques and guidelines

Congratulations on finishing the marathon. No need to feel too self-conscious about having to clear the colon during your race. I suggest the following literature to put your mind and bowels at ease:

The sequel also comes highly recommended:

I appreciate the input, but i highly suggest you tone down the disrespect bro.

Do you even lift?