Now that exam is over, What you up to?

Soon after taking the exam on 06th, I feel like I’ve lot of time in my day. Feels great for few weeks post exam …

How do you feel?

ah yes, the taste of freedom. It is a nice feeling.


Not much up at work and fiancee has her own exams to study for, so I got bored and spontaneously signed up for FRM L1 in Nov…

I’m gaming these days but starting to feel a bit bored so planning to start regular running.


Witcher 3? Already got close to 100 hours on that one and still not finished :smiley:

I play heroes of the storm and rarely hearthstone. This 2 mainly because it’s simple and short. I spend time on workouts now.

Anyone doing GMAT? Guess I’m probably the only one…

yes you are alone, relax on studying

After doing CFA lvl 2, that must be a cakewalk for you, no? What do you need? I needed 680 a couple of years back, managed 700 without too much effort.

Lol… I did take a week off after the exam, and studying for GMAT is less stressful than L2, so it’s not that bad after all…or so I’m telling myself.

Well, I need 720, but I want >750. Time will tell…

Spending a lot of lost time with the wife and kids, and catching up on some Netflix and Game of Thrones. Mostly I’ve been getting reacquainted with my couch in the evenings and it’s been great. I’ve been getting some nasty emails from my office chair though. I think the sudden neglect is making her jealous. cheeky

GOLFING!!! cool

I didn’t let myself play once during my prep for L2. My game is rusty and pathetic but it just feels nice to soak up that Vitamin D and not have the gnawing feeling of “I should be home studying instead”.

Seriously just being outside in general is amazing. Started walking home from work because now there’s no rush to get home and open those d**n books.

Oh and reading for pleasure again. It’s amazing how interesting books can be when the subject matter isn’t about the differences between IFRS and US GAAP.

Cycling, working out, pool and barbecue with family and friends…oh and this 60hr/wk minor detail called work.

Enjoying the summer in NYC, catchin up on shows and getting laid again

Post exam anxiety is fading with every week that passes. I’ve been working out, going out, drinking, approaching women, and looking forward to/preparing for my summer vacation abroad…

Anything to keep my mind off the Band 7 score that’s coming to me : /

^^ Post exam anxiety will start building up again as results day nears…

It’s kind of like a currency swap, default probability builds up as the contract comes to an end.

Running, tennis, swimming, building some valuation models, and looking for some identifiable ass-ets.


You’re very lucky.