Number of questions in am

May I ask a stupid question? How many questions AM in total?

I am not sure that I missed the last question carelessly or not :confused:



10 if I recall.

  1. the last item should not have been there haha

When I read the first one post with 11 , my heart broken.

I choose to believe it is 10 :sob:

Performance related qs. and standards were qs. 10


I felt like Jon Snow betrayed by the Nights watch when I saw that last question set

haha same here. Luckily I think i was able to slay that beast but when I saw that on the table of contents page, I almost soiled my pants.

^ what they said.

Now 2020 L3ers have a practice problem to play around with, courtesy of 2019 L3ers…



This is also what I thought.

You guys are falling prey to some expertly done trolling.

Well done 125… well done.

i am an expert, no lies