Nuppal / ASSet MANagement / Nuppie seriously injured

Please see this thread for details and comment there:-

Very sad news. I am going to send flowers next week on behalf of everyone here at AF. If you would like to add your username and a comment to the get well card, please respond to this post and I will include it. It sounds like his family is reading these cards to keep him fighting.

Sparty419 from Mumbai, India - Although I never interacted with you much, I always enjoyed your posts and your crazy stories! My prayers are with you. Be strong. I look forward to your full recovery and posting in AF soon :slight_smile: God Bless.

Soddy1979 - Dublin, Ireland. Wishing you a speedy recovery chief. Hope to see you back on AF soon.

Get well dude, hope to be hearing of your exploits very soon!

Nic, we’re all pulling for you to keep recovering. You’ve been missed and we can’t wait to have you back. We’ll all be pulling for you! -Black Swan

So sorry to hear of your accident, Nupps. Get well soon, and be sure to milk your injuries to the max for femme sympathy. -bchad.

Nups - all the best mate…keep fighting…

Chad - Nic is being moved around in the hospital due to his good/bad days, and based on what his dad said they will soon relocate to another facility somewhere in Paramount, CA from Cedars Sinai. To note, I think they had an issue with flowers due to space and other sanitary reasons at the hospital. His dad mentioned cards and/or balloons were best in one of his last updates at . I’ll post back once they update his page with his new address. Please add me to the list from whatever we send from AF. Kristen aka daviskr from Pittsburgh, PA - Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery from all of us here at Analyst Forum. Stay strong and know you have many prayers and positive thoughts being sent to you and your family.

The other day I was thinking this board was missing some of its more fun members, and Nups was the first guy I thought about. Get well soon.

daviskr is right, no flowers but cards and ballons or whatever else we can think of is allowed. Brian aka brianr from Seattle, WA - Nic, I know you’re facing the hardest experience of your life right now but remember, never give up. Everything happens for a reason and I’m certain that you will overcome this and be a better person for it. It seems like you’re surrounded by family and friends that love and care for you, never forget that. They will see you through this. And bchad is so right… you know what I mean, haha!

Ass_Man, Dude/Muddahudda here. We need you back at AF to brighten the day. Good speed to your recovery and make sure to post pics of your nice new nurse friends when you return…

Brian (aka monger187) from Twin Cities, MN - Nic, we’ re all praying for your recovery. Get well man, AF misses you.

I am praying for your swift recovery Nuppal. Be strong and G-d bless you

Zesty from Washington, DC - Nic, you had the best username here and the best comments. You are missed, the forum is not the same. You are in our prayers and we wish you a speedy recovery!

Diego aka IEV / PTCrook from Montréal, QC. Yeah I was thinking about sending one on my own but the address issue is complicated at this point.

Such a nice guy - I really hope he has a speady recovery - the “get well soon Nic” page is great for updates on how well he is doing.

ASSet_MANagement…what up pimpin just a minor setback mate …get well soon

Former Trader - AF: Get well soon! You will win this battle.

Nuppie: You’re old forum buddy sopppospsopsopsoppsoppi here. I know you’ll be back on your feet in no time, and back to broing it up, as well as spreading your light unto others again.