NYC meet up Sept 8th

ACE and I will be in NYC for the mile on Sunday morning. We will likely have a pre race dinner on the 8th. Anyone else want to go? Whats up Water Cooler… wanna meet the coolest people on here? Ace, where do you want to have dinner? I have little experience with NYC.

Would go just to see if KMD is real


wow… some of you people still doubt me! lol!

I’m the most real person on here.

KMD is realer than Real Deal Holyfield. I’m in!

Becco - all you can eat pasta, and they probably wouldn’t even kick ACE out for not wearing a shirt.

Don’t you live in Texas or something? You gonna fly in for this?


Ok, maybe I am leaning more BSD. Will probably just eat light since I will have spent a couple days resting for the race. I would rather go somewhere I can dress nice and enjoy the atmosphere. Aka… NOT an all you can eat buffet.

whah? I’m a stones throw from NYC. well almost.

Great! Be there!

Avra Madison - popular with the hedge fund community, right at the 5th Ave Mile finish line. Frequent lunch and dinner pick when I go out with my sell side guys. ACE would probably veto it though bc the portions are not particularly huge, and shirts are required. Otherwise decently upscale scene without being overly stuffy.

Better :+1:

But the food looks a little complex. Maybe something with a more simple menu. I eat like a 10 year old who also drinks scotch.

Waverly Diner, Cheeseburger Deluxe! :+1:

Im down. Looked at the menu. Mussels look appealing and they have fish by the pound! Probably some good lamb too. I like Greek places.

Are you coming to the meetup?

“In Greek mythology Avra is the Goddess of the breezes and thus Avra Madison”

Yeah CW … as Bob Barker says … “Come I’m down!” :slight_smile:

I don’t like fish, mussels or lamb :sob:

I want a burger (which I will eat half of) and a Lagavulin Pick anywhere I can get that, please :wink:

Ha! Ok…unfortunately I know good fine dining places and good burger places, but not the combination of both. My favorite burger joints are both super casual chain restaurants - Five Napkin (popular with families and low key couples) and Bareburger (college students and 20-somethings). Let me give it some more thought. And no I won’t be at the dinner, but you may possibly see me on race day. KMD will know how to find me.

check out The Smith. There are a few locations and it meets your demands although per the menu you may have to settle for a Laphroaig over a Lagavulin.

Im kidding, i heard that you posted a picture once but that was before my time. Would totally go if i was still living in Philly.

the smith is a pretty good choice actually - you’d probably like their burgers there KMD and they have single malt I’ve been to the East Village location, but down for there or another smith location in the city if it is better for everyone You in , king kong?

Yeah The Smith is decent. Not really a burger place but it’s a little more upscale and there’s a burger on the menu.