Office Poll Ideas

My boss puts a poll on his whiteboard every month and I would like to gather some good ideas to propose for future polls. Previous polls were favorite Christmas movie for December and favorite Seinfeld character. I am thinking favorite Finance related movie but any other good ideas? We are a banking deal team, so can be hardcore finance nerd type polls too.

What’s your favorite cuisine?

What’s your favorite position? (Talking baseball, of course)

What’s your favorite arbitrage transaction?

What’s your favorite subatomic particle?

What is your favorite competitive endeavor that involves sharp objects?

Who is your favorite pre-Raphaelite painter? (Or, if you prefer, poet?)

What’s your favorite Jelly Belly flavor? (Single beans only; no combinations.)

What is your favorite rodent?

Who is your favorite magician?

Where would you most like to visit that you can reach on foot? (It doesn’t have to be a practical walk – 4,000 km would be perfectly OK – but it cannot require other modes of transportation such as boats or planes.)

In what foreign language do you wish that you were fluent?

To what type of health care professional would you most like to be married?

What’s your favorite chili pepper? (If the group doesn’t like chilies by and large, substitute, “What’s your favorite herb?”)

Who’s your favorite panelist on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”?

If you agreed to meet a friend in 10 years anywhere in the world, where would you agree to meet?

What is your favorite thing to throw when you’re angry?

What is your favorite poisonous plant?

Which comic strip character most resembles you?

And so on.

Pro-life or pro-choice?

Support gay marriage or no?

Black lives matter or all lives matter?

Ect ect

$100k but the only thing you can use to cook food for the rest of your life is a microwave. Take or leave

$50k but you have to drink 18 cans of full fat coke every day for the rest of 2019. Take or leave

$2m but for the rest of your career before every client meeting or interview you have to eat a family bag of pickled onion chips. No gum or mints allowed and you can only wash your hands after the meetings. Take or leave

$20m but you have to post 10 year challenge of your best mate’s dead relative, 1 old pic of them and a pic of their grave. You can never tell you friend why you did it. Take or leave

No, no, yes (wouldn’t do any more client meetings or interview if I had $2mm), yes

One poll we had at a job long ago was, how much money would it take for you to sleep with the boss and let him it all to you? I said I’ll pass, consensus was around $1mm but we had one outlier who said he’d do it for $2k

id do the 20m.

Oxypowder or Ex-Lax?

Wipe or bidet?

No, no, yes, yes. The first two seem way worse than the latter two.

Would you rather be able to fly or turn yourself invisible?

Why is everyone else giving only dichotomous questions?

Such a lack of imagination!

How about a poll to find out how many people dislike the polls? Then you can do better things with your time.

i think we should do a daily poll in af on random shit.

it would be a nice feature to add!

We could make a market on Nery’s 40% compounded portfolio return. I am rooting for you buddy. Naturally, this would require that you post bank statements and tax returns in public.

Interesting that you lads would do the 10 year challenge one, you guys are cold as ice.

$500k but you must go into work tomorrow and accuse a random innocent team mate of sexual harassment. The claim is taken very seriously, they lose their job and can never find work again, their well-being deteriorates and they become homeless.

$250k but you can never use headphones/earphones for the rest of your life.

$5m but you have to host a luxury music festival on a tropical island on the 1st June 2019. If you fail to successfully organise the festival you go to jail for 6 years.

$1m but you must take a hit of heroin by injection once a month for a year


Today at work an alarm will sound signalling that you have 3 minutes to masturbate and ejaculate.

you cannot use the toilet/store cupboard/ meeting room/ office or any other private spaces.

failure to reach your goal in the 3 minutes from the alarm results in you being fired and having to pay back your last 12 months salary

take or leave

Gringo these are great polls, I lol’d.

Only ones I could say yes to are no headphones and the heroine one, those seemed unusually easy tbh, picked onion thing was questionable but the taste of the chips seems like it would gross me out during the eating.

For gringo’s no to all but the heroin, depends on how much heroin

lol my overall net worth investment cagr once you deduct contributions is in mid 20s. my real estate investment in late 2012 is what pulled it up and is the majority of the performance. in comparison S&P 500 had a 12% cagr, once you include tax savings its prolly 15%.

relative to your levered etf strategy. you made 22% cagr in same time period. but knowing you, you were prolly late in the game.