I know it is still about 77 hours away from result release day and time. It will be good if we could put our result on here. Wishing everyone the very best of luck.

If the views of retakers are anything to go by, it will be expected that MPS will be lower this time around. That may mean higher passing rate. I understand that the am session in 2013 was tougher than that of 2012. Can retakers help to clarify this point?

So let the count down begin…

I thought last years AM was more difficult as far as the actual difficulty of questions, especially the last one. If you can find the thread, I don’t think anyone knew what the hell they were asking. I think people thought the difficulty this year came from the time required to finish. Granted, that obviously plays into the MPS if a lot of people left the last question blank, but everyone seemed to do the same thing last year too so I don’t know how much of an impact it will have. Just my .02. I also thought PM was easier this year, hopefully that maps over to my results!


I took L3 in 2012. AM was a huge time crunch. I was very well prepared and had a good idea what I was going to write after reading each question, but even then, I still felt pressed for time. Only 1 or 2 sub-parts of a question seemed weird or ‘out there’

I pretty much left the last question blank

I found 2012 am easier than this year’s am however this year’s pm was easier than 2012’s

Pretty much my experience in 2013. I understand that 2013 had more questions than that of 2012. This may account for the perception that 2013 was tougher than 2012.

50 hours away from result release…

I passed.

Same here

I found this year’s AM better than 2012.The 2012 AM was ridiculously difficult for me. I didn’t have a problem managing time this year as I noticed from the beginning that there were more questions than previous years and managed my time to suit. Doesn’t mean I passed though. lol.

i don’t know if I passed or failed. I do know that I had a nightmare saying that I had failed and would have to take Level 2 now. Glad that doesn’t happen in reality. 44 hours 39 minutes folks till we know for sure.

I’m not sure if 30-40% of AM and 60-65% of PM would do the job … but i doubt it… I reallyyy do… few hours left.

It ain’t happening…you’ll need 50% in the am and 80% in the pm to cross the line

Is it fair to say that anyone who scored above 80% in the 2013 mock exam is sure to pass?


it’s hard to say, body!

I did. I think I passed. But who know?

I did too, and I am hoping that I pass

I hope that level 1 and 2 candidates won’t overflood AF tomorrow and leave level 3 forum for those who sat for the exam. I remember AF was hardly reachable the last 2-3 years on results release dates …

Around 24 hours left - fingers crossed