Official Poll - Have you chosen Schweser or CFAI or both???

I am wondering how many poeple in this forum have opted to study CFAI or Schweser or Both???

I used both for all three levels, and read both at least twice each while studying. A little overkill? Probably, but it worked.

Both, with a focus on Schweser, and some use of CFAI.


Both + Secret Sauce as exam approaches.

I used only CFAI texts and Qbank for 1 and 2. I plan to stick with the same approach this year…despite the fact that my firm pays for schweser for free-I wont use the books.

level 1 used schweser only (CFAI were not included at the time) level 2 used schweser and CFAI’s but the latter very sparingly level 3 plan to use CFAI and 2008 schweser (possibly 2009 depending on how I’m feeling in ~feb)

For the first two levels I used CFAI for Ethics and Schweser for everything else and it has worked for me so i will do this again.

Level 1: Stalla only Level 2: Schweser only Level 3: CFAI only I only had a few weeks to study for Levels 1 and 2 (too busy at work, two babies at home), I knew I would not have time to read everything and practice. So, I only watched the Stalla (for Level 1) and Schweser (for Level 2) videos, and then practiced. That worked. For Level 3, I started in October, read CFAI materials (some sections several times), made notes, and then practiced (old exams, sample exams, etc). That worked too. My two cents: Design a strategy that is very likely to work for you given your constraints. Of course, time is a constraint not matter what, but it is more of a constraint for some than for others. If you have struggle to find time to study, then go for Stalla or Schweser (to be honest, I do not think there is much to choose between them; the reason I picked Stalla and then Schweser is purely because I went for the cheapest each time - price was another constraint). If you can commit more time, go for CFAI - though you will need to put more effort in putting the pieces of the puzzle together than if you go for Stalla or Schweser who do that for you. To me, what was the key to success was practicing over and over again.

LI: Schweser LII: Schweser LIII: Schweser (75%), CFAI (25%), only because CFAI notes come with the registration. CFAI notes has too much noise, I focused on Schweser, only used CFAI for supplement information.

I used both. Read CFAI at least twice: initial read and then note taking and question answering. Then I switched to schwesser to do further reviews and take their sample quizes and tests. It worked as well for me on all 3 exams.

CFAI only. No practice exams. Young and trying to save every dollar :smiley:

LI: Schweser LII: Schweser LIII: Schweser

LI: Schweser + Books (80/20) LII: Schweser + Books (80/20) LIII: Schweser + Books (25/75)

> I used both for all three levels You purchased CFAI texts when they were not included?

L1: Schweser only L2: Schweser only L3: Schweser 60%, CFAI materials 40% All passed in first attempt.

CFAI books only all three levels.

i use CFAI books LI and LII for main studying and schweser secret sauce and practice exams for review.

L 1 - schweser L2- CFA for ethics & FI & derivatives and schw for rest L3- will defiantely do one read of CFA and then Schweser for final reading & Qbank

Level 1: Stalla only Level 2: Stalla + CFAI exams Level 3: plan on using CFAI & Stalla