Official Results Date Released

From CFAI:

Dear Would You Look At That,

We will e-mail your June 2014 Level II CFA exam result to you on Tuesday, 29 July 2014, after 9:00 a.m. ET. Please note that many internet service providers (ISPs) manage incoming email delivery, so we are unable to predict an exact time you will receive your result.

All the best.

No mails yet…I am freaked out…

i didnt receive anything

wait & watch.

what do u mean?

all the best!

I wonder if this means that, for those who received the email, we won’t be dealing with any arbitrary PCP shenanigans.

I got the email.

I doubt there’s any connection.

In that case entire India will be getting PCP investigation.

did any1got the mail in India?

Come on man! You trying to give people a heart attack? No, it does not mean that in the slightest.

u gt d mail?

^haha … I see that my statement was poorly phrased. How’s this … I hope that we ALL get the email, and, because it says “you WILL receive your results on July 29th,” that means that they wouldn’t necessarily have sent it if there is any expected PCP funny business.

That better?


Yes. I got the mail. I am sure you will too. I am also sure that you will pass.

Not sure. Haha.

lol…i am getting tensed.

Dnt worry RR. I too just got it… was worried too