Okay, Listen Up People

You are two weeks away from the Level II examination. By now you should know; 1) How many questions are on the test 2) The format of the test 3) You cannot skip any section because of point 2 4) The weights of each topic on the exam Seriously. Im not suggesting that people who ask questions related to those 4 points are dummies or wont pass the exam, but at the same time, jeez. These points should be as known to you as your birthday.

Anyone know how many questions on the exam this year? Last year I heard it was 240.

I had 240 questions last year.

Can I skip FSA?

There’s no other way I’m afraid. I’ve tried but 240 questions with these vignette-style questions in three hours… UN-F-ING-DOABLE. Can’t believe they want us to answer that many work intensive question. Horrible. I’m skipping FSA. And Ethics. And Equity.

I skipped all of portfolio management last year…and look how that worked out for me.

Yeah, you got another turn! How great is that??

I am not comfortable with Quants and PM. I know I wont be able to score decent marks in these 2 sections and will have to make up in something else.

“Yeah, you got another turn! How great is that??” Pretty good, preeetty good. You learn so much the 2nd time around, it’s like seeing the Matrix again and again, and realizing you missed so much the first time.

“I skipped all of portfolio management last year…and look how that worked out for me.” I might as well have skipped it. They could’ve asked me about quantum physics and I would’ve had an equal chance of answering the questions correcting as I did for TB last year.

How many pilot questions are there again? You know, the ones that don’t count. I heard one for each section - with 50 sections my math suggests ln68 questions won’t count. Please confirm.


Okay, I’m adding one; 5) You should know where and how to obtain your ticket

What are CFAI mock exams?

mock exams - does that mean it’s a joke?

I failed at my joke…bad omen There are 2 mocks exams on the CFA Institute (testrac.com) website, in addition to the 3 samples

^^ lol! you didn’t…i was making a joke…after your joke…!

damn…failing twice Really really bad omen PS: I will blame my level of English to get some confidence back

Okay now it gets confusing :wink:

Dude. Nothing like L1. After all this studying, I don’t think I remember anything.